Help TheyWorkForYou make sense of Parliament

by mySociety in United Kingdom

Help TheyWorkForYou make sense of Parliament
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by mySociety in United Kingdom

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Jess Aidley 20th December 2019

I have found this site useful both to see how hard my MP has worked in Parliament, and how he has voted against almost everything that I stand for.

charliepeel 20th December 2019

TheyWorkForYou has been my go-to platform for keeping an eye on both local and national politics within Westminster. Thanks for all the hard work and FREE service for all to use.

Aimée Hall 20th December 2019

Thanks so much for this amazing work - I use your website all the time to stay informed and get a real sense of what politicians are doing behind their spin!

David Court 19th December 2019

The Tories have a majority of seats but only 29% of the country voted for them (a 44% share of the 67% voter turnout): we need to make sure that their policies reflect this truth.

charpentier 19th December 2019

It was brilliant when My Society started it, and I've been able easily to check what my MP is saying in the House ever since. C'mon, lets make sure it can be kept going!

Stephen Freestainton 19th December 2019

After the recent UK election fiasco, Bulls hit Bor is patently intent on dictating; even though more voters chose to support pro-second-EU-referendum candidates. When will we British get REAL DEMOCRACY like almost all other countries: unless they are communist or dictatorships.

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