They Have have Failed Us: Join the Fightback

by People's Assembly in London, England, United Kingdom

They Have have Failed Us: Join the Fightback


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They have Failed Us. Help fund the Fightback. Things are getting worse. We need to fight back & we need to have resources like never before.

by People's Assembly in London, England, United Kingdom

They have Failed Us: Help fund the Fightback

We have endured so much at the hands of one of the most incompetent and right-wing governments we have ever seen. Not only has there been a crushing pressure on wages, services and living standard as a result of a decade of austerity, we are now having to live through a global pandemic with ‘leaders’ who work fundamentally against our interests. They have ultimately failed us. They locked us down too late, they failed to deliver PPE on time and to safe standards. They were instrumental in creating a care home crisis, have caused confusion and fear over school reopening. They have stripped protections from millions of the most vulnerable (in ability to recover from virus) people, when they removed the shielding protection and no plan to keep these people safe. They have failed a generation of young people and caused mental anguish over their grading system with so many missing out on places at University. Over 4 million children live in poverty because the social security system is decimated and poverty pay is endemic. Any victories against this government has come from people organising. 

We cannot allow hope to fade and solutions to the crisis, a crisis ultimately caused by capitalism, to be captured by the conspiracy theorists and the far-right. We need to fund a fightback which can take us to a better world through our organising, our pressure and our solidarity. We have no doubt about what we could achieve should we have the resources to increase our organising!

To create the pressure we need to change the narrative and to defeat the government we need resources on a scale we have not needed before, because the crisis is so intense and the government is so dangerous. 

Please help us fund the fightback!


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