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Radio Wolf wants to change the way that listeners interpret radio, giving them a chance to listen to different music and get local news!

by Radio Wolf in Penzance, England, United Kingdom

We as a station have been working hard on and off for the past four years to become a success in the radio market. The take over on local stations by a bigger media company has made us think; how can we bring local radio back to the South West of England and how can we make people listen?

Radio Wolf is trying out new and improved ways to make listeners switch on the radio in the South West and our project today is focusing on Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

This internet-based station had everything going for it at the end of 2019 until a fatal computer malfunction corrupted all of the music and information that we had running the system. This led us on to rebuilding the station.

As you know, at the start of 2020, the global pandemic of Covid-19 took hold and all of our equipment was sold to a local station to us to help them broadcast to the local community to help people that are in the more isolated spots in the county.

We are now ready to go live again, but with the small issue of having no equipment is now stopping us going ahead. We have come up with a list of hardware that we need to get going again but because of Covid-19, we are now having the issue of raising the funds.

That's where you come in! We're asking for any help you can give, no matter how small, so we can purchase the new equipment and get broadcasting in full swing once again!

We want to help out the local community and help people that feel isolated in the South West, more connected to the county as well as the world!

Thank you for all of the help that you can give, we appreciate everything that you give to help us overcome this issue. Together we can grow and become the best radio station in the South West!

Let's make 'Radio Wolf' happen

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