The Way Outback Brewing Co. Microbrewery build.

To restore a neglected but beautiful heritage shop space, into a unique microbrewery & vibrant social hub for the community of Southbourne.

We did it!

On 2nd Mar 2018 we successfully raised £6,495 of £5,000 target with 148 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

So we made our Target! THANKYOU to everyone who has supported us so far. 

This will enable us to pay some urgent bills that have mounted up during the build and especially the unexpected ones in the last few weeks as we neared opening time!  

We've decided with 9 days left we'd make the most of the opportunity and raise our stretch target to £7000. This extra money will help keep us going during the initial tricky months of opening and getting established, and also go toward the cost of an extra fermenter for the microbrewery, meaning we can produce 1/3 more beer! mmmm lovely beer! So let's do this!

We're so grateful for everyones support. We couldn't do this without you. 

Rich & The Outback Team x

Hello lovely people!  


We're going to ask you to be generous, and hopefully, in return, give you back something wonderful, but for those that don't already know us, we are The Way Outback Brewing Company

We are a freethinking microbrewery based in Southbourne, Bournemouth. Founded by local Richard Brown, The Way Outback was born in a converted garden shed (Out-back...geddit? :-) ) in 2016, and is now a team of 3 people plus Arthur, our faithful brewery dog and all-round mascot.

Here's our story so far, and what we'd like your help with;

We're passionate about brewing big bold flavoursome beer, and have already launched 9 incredibly popular beers into the local market. We are driven by a passion for flavour and the buzz that comes with creating something that people love and enjoy. We started off small, with 2 fermenters and a modest setup, that allows us to brew and produce 16 casks on a 2-week cycle. 

We realised very quickly however, that to really produce the amounts of beer that our customers and stockists demanded we'd have to expand. At the same time we had our eyes on the beautiful, but neglected cornershop space on Seabourne road in Southbourne. After much digging we tracked down the owner and are now renting and converting the space. 

We're doing long, long days in there every day and we've lost count of the amount of locals who pass by on a daily basis and ask "What's it going to be?" "When are you opening?!" and "Fantastic, can't wait!

The great news is we've just been kindly granted the change of use license from the council, and are so grateful so those who supported our application. 

BUT the license has been granted with some conditions.

With those conditions, comes expense

As well as being Head Brewer, Richard is an incredibly talented carpenter and engineer, but there's only so much he can build himself and there's only so many favours we can ask before the reality of needing funds to pay for certain things to get us open, such as noise surveys etc comes into play. 

We'll be honest, some of these extra costs have come unexpectedly, and sadly it hasn't helped that, along with a number of other local businesses, we were recently broken into, and lost hundreds of pounds worth of tools, some that were borrowed from friends, and we had to replace those out of our own pocket.

So this is where you come in. 

We'd like to raise £5,000. This will cover costs such as an acoustic noise survey, one of the conditions specified down by the council that has to happen before we open. Also needed is fencing to the rear of the building (for anyone who's seen it, you'll know that fly-tipping is a menace in this area, and we really want to make it better, not just for us, but for all the occupants in the area). Then on top of that there are various costs involved leading up to our initial opening, that were unforeseen and that no amount of carpentry skills or volunteering can pay for.

You can of course, simply make a donation...that would be awesome, but of course we wouldn't expect you to do this for nothing in return, that's why we've set up a number of exciting rewards in return for your donations.


Limited Edition Investors Outback Supporters T-Shirt. 

You've already been so generous with your support for our project vocally, now we ask you to spare what you can to get us open and up and running, we've come this far and just need a little help. 

In return you'd be investing in the future of what we believe will be a really welcome and vibrant addition to the community of Southbourne. 

A massive and sincere thank you. 

Rich, Nikki, Scott and Arthur x

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