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To spread animal welfare awareness. To home and re-home rescued animals. To sell Cats, Dogs and Exotic species with proof of Origins

by Paul Cridge in Cnwch Coch, Wales, United Kingdom

Our team currently consists of me and my partner. We have seen a massive gap in the trade of animals in England and Wales. We have observed the number of species on the streets and the amount of private and often illegal breeders. This number has increased as a demand for specific breeds has increased, allowing more to go homeless or mistreated. Our goal is to provide a centre in which all foster animals are in good health and ethically sourced. As well as being able to provide other species of animals of which wouldn't be found easily in the UK. These animals will not be succumb to the poor welfare qualities seen present. Currently exotic species are shipped all over the world from breeders with inadequate housing, feeding and behavioural knowledge. 

The overall idea of the centre is for it to be a place for all members of the community to visit for their animal and personal needs. We do plan on having facilities that can be rented out. Here's a list of all planned facilities:

Private Kennels 

Private Cattery 

Private Boarding Kennels

Private Boarding Cattery

Cat jungle gym 


Food prep


Cats and dogs for sale

Exotic pets for sale

Hydrophobic pool 

Multi-species Training centre

Agility Centre 

Grooming parlour 


Guarded space for aggressive, timid or pessimistic dogs to run safely  

Vets Clinic



Dog Walking 

The money raised will be used to either start building and buying land or to buy/rent, renovate and build on a small holding.