The Tradeplater Start Up Business Vs Covid 19

by Michael in Stafford, England, United Kingdom

The Tradeplater Start Up Business Vs Covid 19


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I have created an awesome range of products, Started an exiting LTD company but unfortunately the Covid 19 Pandemic has paused my Start Up.

by Michael in Stafford, England, United Kingdom

Hi everyone, hope you are all well and staying safe in these uncertain times.

Many thanks for stopping by and viewing my fund page, this really means a lot to me.


Starting a company pre Covid-19

Firstly I know I am just one of many people challenged in blossoming a start up company in this diffucult time but the reason I am here is that I have found myself in a frustrating situation.

Coming out of employment at the end of Febuary was the 1st step in creating an exciting adventure. This was to set up a The Tradeplater LTD.

The Tradeplater LTD is the next big thing to compliment multiple platforms across the motor industry in the UK and even beyond. I have managed to discover an untouched yet very required market with tonnes of and tonnes of scope.

I ceased my day to day employment at the end of Feb '20 to engage in agency work as a driver on a zero hour contract, initially working a few days a week delivering vehicles and more importantly giving me time and flexibility to launch The Tradeplater LTD. 

As we all know Corona virus has had a huge affect on all trades, and has absolutely stunned the car sales industry. What this means to me is that there are no opportunities to work with the agency and furthermore The Tradeplater LTD has had to halt before its had a fair ordinary start.

After extensively researching there are no grants, funding or furlough available to myself or The Tradeplater LTD meaning that I have had to use my original start up fund for home and family prior to executing the next stage of start up.


To Keep Calm and Carry On - Very British!

Right now all I want to do is keep the momentum of The Tradeplater LTD moving forwards and plough through this difficult time, I would love to be able to continue to work on this project without fear of having to close the company pre launch. 

The UK motor industry has to see these kick ass products I have created, there are NO other products on the market like these, The Tradeplater LTD must and will be a name you know by 2021!

I am enthusiastic about getting through the hardest of times and seeing the fruits of hard labour. I am also super excited about being able to give back generously to Start Up companies like me through this same crowdfunding process.


Invented In Feb 2020 The Tradeplater LTD offers purpose made products to suit the needs of those in the ‘Motor Trade’ industry or particularly anyone who drives 3rd party vehicles for a living.

The Tradeplater LTD aims to launch with 3 dynamic and original products which will be be revealed on completion of patents and or intellectual property rights, all in different styles but with the same important focus. ‘The Tradeplater’.

I have worked in the motor trade for over 10 years and has identified a strong need for these products and im happy to share all information with anyone who is happy to sign an NDA. I am so excited for the UK to see these products.


All of the money will be spent within The Tradeplater LTD on completing the start up, constant updates will be available via email should you wish to be part of our update list.

The funds will be spent in the following areas; Completion of product design's, Web Presence, R&D & Prototypes. 

I am hopeful that by this time our economy will restore back to normal and I can work self employed again to fund the extra required.


I would really like to thank all of you for viewing my Crowd Fund and cant wait to help with other funds too.

Hope you all stay safe! Please get in touch if you would like to view my business plan or gain more information about anything at all!

Thanks so much, Lets do this!!

Mikey x

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