Double your money and help create new jobs!

by David Shaw in Sandwich, England, United Kingdom

Double your money and help create new jobs!


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Help us create new jobs and opportunities for small communities, and bring some good news to people in 2021, while doubling your money!

by David Shaw in Sandwich, England, United Kingdom

In January 2020, two ex Firefighters decided that they wanted to build a business with a difference. A business that could earn them and their families a living, but that would be at the centre of communities, doing great things for local people.

After hours of brainstorming we stumbled upon the idea that people come together over food. It's at the centre of most get togethers. As this idea developed further, we fell in love with the idea of a BBQ restaurant. Who doesn't love a BBQ? What a way to bring people together!

So the idea was born. The Smokehouse Group. Amazing BBQ food and locally produced Craft Beer.

But how could we be a "business with a difference?" Well, our ambition is to open restaurants in local communities that need facilities and opportunities. Are they missing a bit of community space, available to anyone that needs it, for whatever their purpose? Are they in need of an organisation to help them create events and festivals to bring people to their communities? Do they need access to more apprenticeships and jobs


Smokehouse Restaurants will provide amazing food and great atmospheres for people to come together, whatever the occasion. But, better than this...

We will provide the best opportunities for local communities. EVERY Smokehouse will have a dedicated community space. This will be used for lots of things. This could be for mums and babies to meet up safely. It could be to provide small group lessons, like a foreign language. It could even be a place for the local Christmas Lights committee to meet up regularly.

Smokehouse Restaurants will need to make a profit. After all, we need to get paid, and we need to earn money to open even more. So we will be a business. But we will be a business with a difference. A business that cares, and that gives back, right from day one.


So why do we need your help?

We've committed over £50,000 of our own money so far. With this, we have identified our first location which is in Sandwich, Kent are currently waiting for this to go through the legal process We hope to be complete by early January. This will be opening early 2021, but we've given ourselves a target of no later than March. BUT, we need your help to make the dream come true


We need to raise around £40,000 to take this to where we want it. To create the amazing community hub. We have new equipment to buy, new furniture to buy, lots of marketing to do and lots of amazing local people to recruit (we're creating 10 new jobs for local people at the Sandwich restaurant). That's 10 brand new jobs in a tiny town, including two apprenticeships. We need your help to get us there.


The journey wont stop there. Every penny we raise beyond £40,000 will be used to grow this amazing idea even more. We want to look for the next community that can benefit from a Smokehouse Restaurant.

So, what's in it for you?

For every penny you donate, we will give you back double by way of vouchers in our first restaurant. So, for example if you donate £10 to our brilliant business, we will give you a voucher for £20 to spend in our restaurant. No restrictions, no caveats. Just book a table when we're up and running, and tell us you're exchanging your crowdfunder voucher. That's the simple bit. So why not look at it as pre-paying for a great night out with your family and friends, once normality returns next year!

What other rewards are there?

If you pledge £25. Not only will you get a voucher to use in our restaurant, but we'll also send you a Smokehouse T-Shirt.

If you pledge £50. We will give you the voucher, the Smokehouse T-Shirt and we'll give you 10% off for a whole year.

If you pledge £100. We will give you the voucher, the Smokehouse T-Shirt, the 10% off for a whole year and we'll invite you and a guest to join us for an exclusive event for our crowdfunders.

If you pledge £500 or more. We'll give you all of the above, and you and a guest can eat for free once a month, for a year.

Thank you so much for reading about our idea, and we really can't wait to see you in our restaurant.



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Every Pledge - Double your pledge to spend with us

Every pledge will receive a voucher of double the value to spend in our restaurant, when we're open.

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If you pledge £25 or more, we'll give you the "Every Pledge" Reward, and a smokehouse T-Shirt.

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£500 Reward

If you pledge £500 or more, we'll give you the £1 Reward, the £25 Reward, the £50 Reward, the £100 Reward and you and a guest can eat for free, once a month for a whole year.

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