The Seed

The Seed will serve the community of Buckfastleigh and beyond by providing nourishing and wholesome meals for the community at a price that everyone can afford. Existing as a community wholefood store and café, it will be a place for inspiration, community and delicious healthy foods. The seeds aims to empower people to be informed about their food choices and make it easy for people to enjoy fresh nutritious food even for those on a very tight budget as people will decide how much they can afford for their meal.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful
*New information since going live - we may not be in a position to provide the daily hot meal intially due to some issues arising with regards to the lease, but we will continue to pursue this aim and will still make it a reality as soon as we are able to.*   The Seed is a pioneering project which seeks to revolutionise the value and accessibility of naturally grown foods full of nourishment and vitality to the local community of Buckfastleigh and beyond. 

The Seed believes in breaking down the barriers attached to buying organic and natural foods so that all members of the community whatever their income and lifestyle can feel empowered and able to access good healthy food options. Even more than this The Seed aims to provide the opportunity for people to connect with others and become more aware of the community around them through the medium of food in an attempt to reduce isolation and improve overall wellbeing.

Through bringing healthy and nourishing food to everyone regardless of their budget or circumstance, The Seed aims to promote and support residents of Buckfastleigh and surrounding areas in making food choices which are healthy for their body and mind, the local economy and to the environment.

The Seed will exist in the most part as a shop, selling at significantly reduced prices, a wide range of wholefood as well as locally sourced fruit and vegetables alongside other nonfood items such as environmentally conscious household goods and baby care items. There will also be an ancillary cafe attached to the shop which will provide basic and alternative refreshments throughout the day and a daily meal comprising of a few healthy innovative dishes using both wholesome and organic ingredients. These will be provided on an affordability basis whereby customers will make a donation based on what they can afford at that time. A minimum donation will be indicated to allow for the costs of making the food.

The Seed aims to facilitate the formation of a buying group whereby local people who wish to buy larger quantities of food can place their wholefood orders in advance through The Seed and receive a further discounted price on the goods. This is to further encourage local people to commit to buying their goods in Buckfastleigh instead of travelling to larger towns such as Newton Abbot and Totnes and to encourage greater consumption of healthier foods overall. In addition to this, The Seed seeks to offer a food box service whereby it will work in partnership with a local vegbox co-operative. Customers will have the opportunity to have not only fresh, locally grown organic fruit and vegetables delivered to their doorstep but also their weekly wholefood shop as well. The vision remains consistent and concentrates on getting good healthy food to as many people as possible.

To further empower individuals and families in choosing and making simple and healthy meals, The Seed will seek to provide regular informal workshops which will share creative and accessible recipe ideas using natural and affordable ingredients. The workshops will aim to inspire and encourage confidence in cooking with staple foods which may not be so commonly used and which can quickly and easily enable people to be able to prepare a healthy meal at home.

It is hoped that The Seed will serve as a community hub which will provide information and resources concerning other community groups and projects as well as providing a meeting space for different groups.

The presence of The Seed will also provide more opportunities for local growers and individuals who create food that is required by the community such as bread, preserves, and dairy products to sell their produce at a fair price and to reduce transportation costs and thus food miles.  

The Seed seeks to operate as a function of the ‘Nature’s Round’ Community interest Company whose main focus is to bring locally grown organic produce to the local community at an affordable price. The CIC is a legal form for social enterprise which ensures profits and assets are used for the good of the community. This is an important structure for The Seed to have in order to ensure that everything that it achieves is kept within the community who have helped to make it a success.

Volunteering opportunities will be made available in both the shop and cafe to allow individuals of any age to gain experience and transferable skills as well as being able to contribute to their local community.

Please do continue to donate once we have reached the target of £5000 as this is the absolute minimum we need and any further funds will be put to very good use in the project.