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Early intervention, affordable access to rehab and support for adults dealing with an unexpected, life changing occurrence.

by The Rehab B&B in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom


Ever Heard The Saying “That person had it all and lost it all just like that”? and ever wondered what happened? 

My Theory:

Most people over the age of 30 have set some sort of stability to their lives and have a general idea of what they want in life. And for most people things more or less go to plan. But for others, unexpected things happen in their lives which can very quickly turn things upside down and they somehow think the best way to cope is using an addictive substance or behaviour.

Early Intervention and why over 30’s?:

Its a proven fact that early intervention of any addiction (within the first year) has a high success rate of full recovery and a future of complete abstinence and addiction free.

It is also statistically proven that adults over the age of 30, with no past addiction but are actively developing an addiction in their 30’s are more likely to want help, ask for help and successfully overcome their addiction at the first attempt.

Life Changing Occurrence:

Think of the worse news you could receive right now, so bad that your life is about to change forever...

did you get that stomach flip at the very thought of the news you never want to get? 

Sadly unimaginable, unexpected and life changing things do happen and people don’t even know what’s happened until it’s to unexpected death, witnessing something horrific, being a victim of crime, unintentionally committing a crime.... the list goes on and on. 
It was my own life changing incident that brings me here today.

My Life Changer: At 34 I was Groomed...

On paper I am ambitious, experienced, career focused and a natural leader. And for 20 years I was all of those things. Until my life was turned upside down aged 34!

I very quickly and unexpectedly found myself right in the depths of a very abusive relationship. I was the last to see what was happening and when I did it was to late! I had been groomed by the man I believed loved me, he had me exactly where he wanted me, terrified and alone. He had me so isolated and reliant on him that I didn’t even think for myself anymore. In the first year I had given up my job, career, family and friends, I had given up my life.

I was literally a robot programmed by him, he told me what to wear, eat, say, where to go and he told me he loved me to bits and I believed him! I trusted him and believed everything he said. Including when he introduced me to smoking very mild marajuana to help with the pain I had from my osteoporosis due to my diagnosis of premature ovarian failure as a teenager.

The Abuse and Addiction:

The first time he was sent to prison for assaulting me I Needed help. I was dangerously underweight, very unwell physically and mentally and covered in visible cuts and bruises. My family heard about my state and persuaded me to move in to my mum's house. For the first few days instead of getting better I was getting worse. After a lot of questions and asking around the area I eventually realised that the mild weed I smoked every day for pain relief was actually Heroin! Yes he had gotten me addicted to Heroin, I was withdrawing and no one would help me. I was devastated to be told that GP's don't help drug addicts, the community drugs team turned me away because I wasn’t committing crime and any NHS treatment would take years on a waiting list. The only chance I had of successful early intervention to address my mental health trauma, domestic abuse and developing addiction was private rehab costing tens of thousands per month which was no where near possible for me.

Why Would No One Help Me:

I thought I would be offered the best advice, support, treatment to kick my developing addiction and address the issues I was facing every day as a result of the abuse I’d been subject to. To my disbelief every where I went for help I was turned away, I asked why? I was over 30 years old, I had no addiction history, I had a strong working history, I had worked and paid my taxes for 20 years, I was of good character, I had been abused for the last year and I had evidence to support my claims but it didn’t matter, the help, support and early intervention I needed and would have massively benefited from didn’t exist!

I Was Left To Die!

It was clear to me that I had no choice....Because of my deteriorating physical and mental illness unsupervised detox was life threatening, NHS rehab was years away and the cost of private rehab was even further away. I was forced into a further 3 years of abuse and addiction, by the end I was close to dying and so I gambled with my life and decided I would rather die trying than not at all.

I Gambled With Life:

With the support of a few close family the gamble went in my favour and somehow I overcome the worse of my demons. I am still looking for mental support to deal with the sexual, physical, mental and emotional abuse I experienced and I seek help I can count on when future bad days appear, sadly I still I haven’t found it.

Help For Others:

The aim of this campaign is to provide the help and support that wasn’t available for me. Adults over 30 dealing with a life changing incident that has led to the early stage of addiction and mental health illness should be given the care they deserve. The benefit of early intervention, successful recovery and funded or at least affordable, fast access to residential rehab and access to support and advice. 


The potential success of this campaign is immeasurable. “Luxury Rehab at B&B prices” centres can benefit most UK Towns and Cities. Supporting and serving the customer like myself but also creating volunteering and paid employment opportunities within each community as local recruitment will be an imminent process for each centre.

Can You Help? But Not by Donating money.... I need more than that...

Yes we are crowdfunding for investment and donations to make the campaign a success but it won’t succeed on money alone, I am kindly asking for advice, guidance, attention and support to make this happen. I know potentially it can be big and have a big positive impact on society. I need partners, I need a team, I need YOU.

If you have got to this very word I would like to Thank you for taking the time to read about my campaign. If you believe in my vision or if my honesty has created even a small belief in me as a person, as a survivor, please warm my heart with a few supportive words to motivate me on the harder days and remind me that I do have support around me.

Thank you 

Best Wishes

 Leanne x


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