There's No Place Like

by Greta Mitchell in London, England, United Kingdom


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I'm wanting to self-publish a children's picture book to increase awareness in space exploration & creativity in education for young people.

by Greta Mitchell in London, England, United Kingdom


My name is Greta, and I'm raising money to self-publish a children's picture book that I have written called There's No Place Like.

There's No Place Like is about the Mars rover Curiosity. In the story, Curiosity is sent to Mars with a huge sense of purpose and excitement, however once it gets there it finds it gets a bit bored exploring on its' own. So, Curiosity goes looking for Opportunity (which is the name of the other rover also on Mars...).

I've had the pleasure of working with an illustrator to bring this story to life. Her name is Alice and she is amazing, and part of what I am raising money for is so I can pay her for her time. The rest of the funding will go towards publicity & marketing, printing costs and pre-production (+ distribution). This is my first time publishing anything, so I am looking to get assistance from self-publishing agencies to learn as much as I can for future publications - this is where most of the money raised will go towards. 

The publishing of this book is the first step in setting up a creative production company called HopSkip, where I will produce original children's stories, adapt them for the stage and tour them regionally across the UK. I am passionate about enhancing creative learning for young people/old people/any people, which my aim for this business. I want to engage young people in the arts, in science, in the world around them. I want them to feel enthralled at their own existence. 

However, the first step is getting this book published! If you have any money to spare to go towards helping this happen, I would be incredibly grateful. 

Although the setting is alien, this story is so innately human that I believe it will resonate with audiences across the world. The character of Curiosity teaches us to strive for adventure and to not shy away from our independence. It is written for children, but it's there to be enjoyed by people of all generations. 

Thank you!


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Curiosity Postcard

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Curiosity Zine

Go on an adventure with Curiosity - a one of a kind zine illustrated by Alice Haskell.

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