There No More - Short Film

‘There No More’ is a short-drama that illustrates paranoia and dishonesty within a marriage and the devastating discoveries that are found.

We did it!

On 13th Nov 2016 we successfully raised £266 with 14 supporters in 28 days
The UK storyteller and hip-hop artist Jack Flash has agreed to join forces with us to adapt his song into a short-drama. You can find the link to the song above or below and just to clarify, this production is NOT a music video of any description.

Well, what is the project then?

‘There No More’ is a short heart-breaking drama that illustrates paranoia, particularly within a long standing relationship and the devastating repercussions of an ultimatum.

Beth DeLuca is a middle age homemaker who begins to question Gino DeLuca (husband) about his honesty. She sets off on a journey to reveal the truth surrounding her husbands’ whereabouts on his late Thursday nights but will Beth’s heart-wrenching discovery be the end of this ideal suburban family, or will time really heal all wounds?

Who will be making it?

Jack Flash aka Rob Bradley is the original mind behind the story. (Listen to the song)

TJ Simon is the Producer/Director of the adaptation at hand.

Tony Ferguson is the Screenplay Writer responsible for bringing the idea to the page.

Adoou Qi is the Director of Photography who will be providing visual pleasure.

Josh Gilbraith is the Lighting Technician that will bring the detail to life.

Sam Smith is doing Sound Design, making sure your audio senses aren’t assaulted.

Tyrone Coomber is Composing the beautiful score that will carry you through the film.

Qasim Baig is our 1st Assistant Director making sure everyone is doing what they are meant to be.

Claire Kirkpatrick is the set designer who will bring our surroundings to life.

Andrew Glazebrook will be doing Make-up and VFX to ensure it’s all goes right.

All we ask from you is your support:

Do what you can to join us on our journey, whether you share this campaign with your friends and family or even donate as little as £1, we would love for you to be a part of this venture.

What the money is being spent on:

  • Costume - £250
  • Props - £200
  • Set Design - £275
  • Cast - £500
  • Accommodation - £400
  • Make-Up/VFX - £160
  • Equipment - £240
  • Crew - £300
  • Travel - £215

 Our goal is already partly met but we still just need a little bit more assistance from you.

Your support is greatly appreciated!

Thank you.

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