Therapy for Survivors of Trafficking

by Street Talk Team in London, England, United Kingdom

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Helping women who've suffered abuse, exploitation and trauma to encounter their own humanity and once again feel entitled to live in safety.

by Street Talk Team in London, England, United Kingdom

Women who escape trafficking are extremely vulnerable and are at great risk of deteriorating mental health. Immediate therapy gives survivors a better chance of making a recovery.

Street Talk is asking for your help to provide three remote therapy sessions per week between now and the end of June to support women who have nobody else to turn to.

The need for services such as ours has never been greater. Day centres that were places of companionship and support are closed due to the pandemic, and women are finding themselves entirely isolated.

Maya's Story

This is a true story about one of the women who have come to Street Talk, Maya (whose name has been changed.)

Maya was trafficked from Albania to a brothel in London at the age of 19, where she was forced to have sex with up to 30 men a day. She escaped when a fight broke out amongst her captors. Fleeing the flat where she had been held, Maya hid in a communal bin, too frightened to move while she could hear her captors searching the area for her. When night fell, she climbed out, not even knowing which country she was in.

Maya was found by the police and brought to a hostel. Less than 24 hours later Maya was sitting in her first session with a Street Talk therapist. Maya was terrified, suicidal, struggling with the harrowing symptoms of trauma and weighed less than six stone. She was lost in the world. It took months of therapy but progress was slowly made and eventually Maya began to feel safe and well again. Maya had been a law student in Albania and she was able to set herself to goal of resuming her studies here in the UK.

About Street Talk

Street Talk is a small charity founded in London in 2005. We provide free psychotherapy, as well as advocacy and practical support, to survivors of trafficking, women trapped in street prostitution, and other vulnerable women.

Our mission is to take high quality mental health care to vulnerable women who are excluded from conventional practice, to help them to break vicious circles of abuse, trauma and exploitation. For more information, visit our website here.

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