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by Morwenna Ruth in United Kingdom

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The main purpose is to provide a free, confidential, non judgmental approach to therapies for soldiers, veterans, their families and carers.

by Morwenna Ruth in United Kingdom

For the last 5 years I have provided therapies to active soldiers, veterans and bereaved military families. I have worked off my own initiative and have also worked with a few charities. I decided to set up Therapies4services, because I didn’t feel that people that are still serving, veterans or their families received enough emotional support. I believe that the military has a rippling effect on the whole family unit. 

Therapies4services C.I.C. is a non for profit organisation that provides free, confidential, non judgemental, relaxing and caring environment, in a holistic approach to therapy; for people actively in the forces, ex – forces, emergency services, and their families and carers. I have had a lot of positive responses through treatment sessions where people have initially come in barely saying anything, not wanting to make eye contact to leaving a completely different person, wanting to talk, not having pain and having positive relationships with family members. What I have noticed working with military people they don’t always feel ready to open up and talk about their problems, sometimes trust needs to be built.

Our aim is to help our clients using an holistic approach to therapy to build their confidence, help them lead an independent life using coping mechanisms and help them integrate back into civilian life in a friendly, non judgemental and stress free manner.

The money we raise will provide free treatments for people in the Forces, ex forces, emergency services and their families and carers.