Therapeutic children's home

by Tyran simmons in Prestatyn, Wales, United Kingdom

Therapeutic children's home
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Every child deserves a home where they feel safe and there needs are met, the UK has shortage of children's homes and I want to help

by Tyran simmons in Prestatyn, Wales, United Kingdom

Imagine for one second being a 12 year old child you already experienced abuse and trauma, you have no idea how to process whats happened to you. You have been taken away from the abuse but due to your behaviour problems you are unable to go to a new foster family. You are sent away from your home in Wales and sent to Bradford to live with another 14 children because theirs no room any where else. You are the victim but you feel like you are been punished. How would you feel ? This is a true story and is happening on a daily basis.

The number of looked after children continues to increase and has done so steadily over the last nine years in both England and Wales. In England alone there were 72,670 looked after children in March 2017 which is a 3% rise.

In Wales alone there were 5954 children looked after at March 31 2017. The number of young people In residential care were 1210 for England and 276 kids from Wales. All figures are sought from the children’s consensus, as provided by Welsh and English Government.

Me and Corrina will be partners in this venture and our sole purpose is to make the lives of children in need better, our business will be driven by our passion to help the children and change the care system.

 Noddfa care will provide solo, warm, welcoming safe and stable environment, where  suitably experienced and qualified staff provide the appropriate care for either sex children between the ages of 7-18 with attachment and behavioural difficulties. We provide professional support which staff are provided training in Cognitive analytical skills which promotes a greater understanding of relational and cognitive behavioural therapies. Thus helping them have a in-depth understanding of the behaviours and emotions the children we are supporting are experiencing.

Noddfa Care is based in North Wales and inspires to keep local children and young people in the area. We aim to rent a home in the Conwy area. For many young people the Welsh language and heritage is integral to their life and we would like to support this and cater for their individual needs. We want to keep children and young people as close to their family and community links where appropriate, promoting best outcomes and a more successful transition.  We aim to provide planned transitions and hope to help prepare children ready for fostering or returning home in a timely manner. We will invite their future carers to professional consultations and try to give the best opportunities for children to return to the community.

The management and staff at Noddfa Care are committed to ensuring that the children and young people we care for aspire to reach their full potential and hope for them to achieve the best  outcomes; personally, educationally and socially

Noddfa Care aims to support the children and young people by working in partnership with  local authorities, Education, their parents/carers and any  other agencies that may be involved.

Sensitive and appropriate transition planning is  made to enable the child or young person to return happily to their own family, to be successfully placed with a new permanent family, or to move on to supported living or live independently in the community.

Corrina's Previous work experience;

After training to be a mental health nurse I worked on hospital wards, and was promoted several times until I became a ward manager of a Children and adolescent, Psychiatric intensive care unit. Here i gained some of my most valuable experience. I worked with the complex client group with the majority of who were displaying suicidal and challenging behaviours to such a level they required a locked door level of security, enabling me to consolidate my learning and understanding of complex needs, trauma, triggers to behaviours and presentations. I gained experience in both the understanding of clinical governance, compliance and managing a team of up to thirty staff.

In my current role as a manager of a community Children and adolescent mental health team, I have had the opportunity to consolidate a much more strategically approach to my practice, managing capacity and demand, working towards an operational plan and  attaining to meet welsh government standards for compliance in regards to the Mental health measure. I am managing a staff team of up to 28 people, however I have been in the fortunate position to be able to keep some clinical responsibilities and have trained in dialectical behavioural therapy and have remained responsible for a clinical caseload providing assessment and therapeutic interventions.  

In my role I have been heavily involved in networking with the local authorities and am part of a strategic multi agency panel whom discuss all the looked after children placed out of area. I have also being part of making funding recommendations have been out to various children’s home to assure they are meeting the therapy needs of the young people placed.

My Experience;

I served in our armed forces and from that I was able to learn respect, team work, determination and leadership. I took these skills and started my own Landscaping business. I started with just a lawn mower and a ford fiesta and through hard work and determination I have made a successful business. 

Me and my partner may not be able to put all the money into the start up of this business but we will put everything else in, I am stopping my business and my partner will give up her successful career because we believe in this with all our heart and sole and nothing will stop us from making it successful and changing children's lives.  


We need the money to pay for the fees to rent a home and to furnish and decorate the house. We also need the funding for the legal fees and business cost. We aim to open four homes within three years and will continue to open homes until we can meet the demand and stop children been sent out of there area. 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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A personalised stone placed at the summit of Snowdon

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Gardening advice for a whole 12 months. I am a experienced landscape gardener with a wealth of knowledge that could be yours for a whole year

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A tree planted in the welsh country side. This will include a map of the location and a photo of the tree been planted. Help our cause and help the environment it truly is a win win.

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