(the)P-L-A-N is a guideline to a balanced lifestyle of work, rest and play. One that is sustainable, one that is fun, one that you control.

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On 7th Apr 2017 we successfully raised £80 with 4 supporters in 42 days

(the)P-L-A-N is an online nutrition and exercise programme but yet so much more.  As a business our aim is to teach others the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle and importantly how to do it, not simply dictate.  It’s the starting point from which our clients learn to build a sustainable lifestyle that promotes health, well being and performance. 

In 18 weeks we provide custom nutrition recommendations alongside more than 40 documents to download or read on our custom built user platform.  They cover principles ranging from the basics of food and training, to advanced nutrition protocols and exercise techniques.  There’s 50 plus workouts (depending on body goal),  over 70 recipes to choose from, and more than 200 exercise videos available free on our Youtube channel.  

We pride ourselves in delivering more than the standard 'cookie cutter' program giving our users the opportunity to decide what works best for their schedule and requirements.  That means there's no impossible training schedule or restrictive food plans, there's no need food complete life upheaval either, just sensible recommendations and information that is applicable to them.  This is about achieving balance not creating an entirely new life.

(the)PLAN is not a quick fix, shredding plan but one that will form the basis of a healthy lifestyle for years to come.  That's why we teach our users how to adjust their plan, change their training schedule and manipulate calorie and macro targets based on goal and results.

For us the product is finished and we're now ready to push it and our message to the world, this is where you come in.  Up until now we've paid for all design and development ourselves, but we now need funding to help create and action innovative and exciting marketing campaigns using promo-videos and workshops.  We'll also use any additional funds to help build new 'bolt-on' products and also expand our user platform.  

As a thank you, any pledge over £19 will get access to our entire product (usually £99)  so you get to see for yourself the impact (the)PLAN can have.  

If you'd like to learn more about us and (the)PLAN you can find more info at www.p-l-a-n.co.uk

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