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A Political Party That Stands For The People. Ensuring the decision making of our country is made by the people of our country...

by The Peoples Party in London, England, United Kingdom

• Organise a deal on Free Movement, while increasing our protection from high risk territories 

• Replace universal credit

• Remove Pension and Inheritance Tax

• Agree better deals for university fees, no person should pay for education.

• Remove sugar Tax

• Remove Tax on sanitary products 

• Remove Tv licensing 

• £10 P/H minimum wage and all ages paid the same wage P/H

• Create new jobs all over the U.K 

• Police will be better trained to handle criminals, they will treat the public with respect, corrupt departments and officers will be fired and charged.

(Corruption causes distrust to the police and government, there role is to serve and protect the community, and we will ensure that is what they do)

• Stop Search only permitted on known criminals, too many people are wrongfully stopped, many of these stops are based on nothing but discriminative views on the general public of this country.

• Legalise cannabis for personal use but illegal to smoke around children or in a public place that is on purposely bothering another person ( handled as a disturbance )

• Gov to launch own new green energy companies and most other taxes to be removed in exchange

• Launch a Gov owned budget electric vehicle company and create opportunities for people to switch without causing them any hassle or loss of fortune.

• Make every house energy efficient from green energy sources while causing no problems to the people

• Cut energy costs in half from the beginning of our scheme and after our scheme has paid itself off, energy will be free too all u.k citizens

• Green environment with no backlashes on the people

• Rebuild many Energy efficient properties and and Homelessness 

• End Poverty in the lower paid people of the country 

• 100% Protection from nuclear strikes and further talks to disarm the nuclear weapons all together

• Fire and Rescue will be appointed and better prepared for flood not only in hotspots but all across the country

• Replace common known plastic with an organic substitute, which is very easily done, and after use can be recycled or added into a compost bin

Let's make 'The Peoples Party' happen

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