The Opera Story: Snow

Snow: an immersive opera never seen before. World Premiere in February 2017 at the Bussey Building, in London.

We did it!

On 9th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £7,405 of £5,000 target with 78 supporters in 35 days

New stretch target

Thank you all for helping us reach our first target! We are very thankful and humbled for your great support: it really means a lot to us and is of great help to produce Snow


Why a stretch target?

This new "stretch" target adds to the original one the 1250 pounds in matched funding that the Arts Council has pledged. That way, the project fully benefits from their participation.

More importantly, meeting and exceeding this target is a powerful message to other potential funders that are still in the sidelines, to show them how motivated you are about this project! 


What happens now?

The funding towards the new target will be allocated in the same way as what has already been pledged, meaning that it is will go towards guaranteeing fair fees to all of the great young artists involved in the project, and to put on  a great production that you will remember!

Many, many thanks for your invaluable help, we will keep you posted of how Snow takes shape, and hope to see you all in February for our performances!

Promoting a new generation of opera creators


The Opera Story was founded with one main goal: to make the beauty and richness of opera accesible to as many people as possible. We want to do things differently, to present opera that you have not seen anywhere else, and to invest in a new generation of composers, artists and performers. 

We aim to become a platorm for young artists to express their talents and for everyone to experience opera in a new way. 

You thought you knew Snow White? Think again.

Our first opera is based on the story of Snow White, but we wanted to tell the story from a fresh, and darker, angle.

To do this, we looked into the tales that, many centuries before the Snow White we know was invented, people in different European countries were telling to their own children and grand-children, as we wanted to bring out the timelessness of folk beliefs and tales, and the recurring themes in story-telling.

The libretto, the starting point of the opera, was created by JL Williams on that basis, and woven into a beautiful text that brings out the darker undertones in those tales: expect to be surprised! 

Then, as we had started with three different tales, we asked three different composers (Lewis Murphy, Lucie Treacher and Tom Floyd) to give each act its own musical language. 

Who performs an opera in a former cricket bat factory in South London? 

The venue will also defy conventions. In order to allow you to feel the magic of opera as close as possible, and break the distance between performers and the public, we chose the Bussey Building: with its three levels, it suits SNOW, with one act being performed on each level of the building.

The production's director (James Hurley) and designer (Rachel Szmukler) are building some stunning sets that make the most of the space and will provide for an immersive experience. 


Are you in? You can help us make SNOW possible!

Opera is costly to produce, since it involves the time and work of a large team. It is also a tough business model, because if we were to cover its costs only through ticket sales, these would need to be prohibitively expensive (almost 90 pounds for this production, for example), so we must always be looking for ways to cover those costs while keeping prices at an affordable level. 

We also want to be fair with the pay of the artists that make this work possible and allow them to live from their passion. This means that almost 75% of our budget goes to the artists and a further 15% goes to production costs, with the remaining 10% to cover support and administrative costs. 

This is why we need your help today. 

 Your support will go to the artists that bring this work to life and  is an investment in their professional development.  It is also crucial in securing the future of this production and showing other potential funding partners that there is demand for exciting new opera by young artists in unconventional places. Besides, we have devised some great rewards to show you our gratitude! 

In the name of The Opera Story, and on behalf of the great team that is working on making Snow a reality : THANK YOU!

This project has been approved for funding through the Artists + The Crowd match funding. If this project reaches 75% of its initial target it will automatically receive the final 25% from Arts Council England.

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