The Online Learning Network

The Online Learning Network aim to create an online and face to face home tutoring platform that supplies local students and professionals to progress in a subject or field of interest. It is a tutoring agency who can cater to any age or any subject

We did it!

On 18th Nov 2013 we successfully raised £2,500 of £2,500 target with 22 supporters in 28 days

A new tutoring agency has been set up in the heart of Kensington and Chelsea!

Charlie and Hattie are committed and passionate about supplying their clients with the best tuition available.

Our enthusiastic tutors are reliable, trustworthy, fun and hugely qualified. • We carefully select the top tutors in the UK to ensure the best results for our pupils.

From confidence building to academic success our tutors will be there to guide their students through any examinations or academic challenges.

Its proven that a relaxed, familiar environment is conducive to the best results. So home teaching at a time that suits you ensures the best success.

Face to face or via skype- whatever suits you best. Α personal and carefully selected tutor is assigned to every pupil.

Professional, thorough and high quality tutors.

Tuition and coaching for ALL levels and ALL subjects.

"Its no longer about lethargically boshing out the curriculum" says Hattie Collings with enthusiasm and vigour. "This is about guiding and helping these pupils through the toughest exams of their lives thus far!"Hattie Collings is a passionate linguist and tutor who has set up a local friendly and yet prestigious one to one and online tutoring agency.

"The pressure of exams is massive, it can be so stressful and alienating and its really crucial to be able to turn to someone sympathetic and reliable during this time". After being educated in France and now settled in the heart of Kensington Hattie started tutoring French, Russian and English students of all different ages and levels. After gaining a 1st class BA she was suddenly inundated with clients and decided to set up on her own. Carefully cherry picking like minded, competent and friendly tutors like herself, she insists this is the key to theonlinelearningnetwork's success. " When struggling under any academic pressures and exams and tough school life I can't stress how essential it is to have a relaxed and honest person to turn to. After having extra tuition and coaching myself I feel it is the best way to learn and the only way to really soak up important information. This is why the one on one home tutoring formula is tried and tested and really works. The environment is friendly, non threatening and the time is best suited to the families and students."

"Our tutors are all young and empathetic. Mainly Oxford and Cambridge graduates they understand what its like to be under huge pressure and have the best teaching and learning techniques. The other benefit of our online tutoring is that our pupils can keep up their level and skills anywhere and at anytime- lessons via Skype are so successful because there are no distractions what so ever. This is great for languages, we tutor a great deal of our Russia and France based clients this way, and especially those who lives between countries"

But its not just pupils at schools and lycées that we teach, being based in Chelsea is fantastic for its cultural mix, we have pupils and clients of all ages and levels and people with different reasons for learning. Quite a few of our mature students want to simply have a better grasp of english and feel it is important in order to fully settle into a culture and country. Other people just have subjects of interest that they didn't get to fully explore at school. So we can cater for everyone! 0203 7315 136

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