The North! The North!

by Christopher Harrisson in Bristol, Bristol, England

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Support The North! The North! a dark new myth about England (theatre show & comic)

by Christopher Harrisson in Bristol, Bristol, England


My name's Christopher Harrisson. I'm a theatre maker, writer and illustrator based in Bristol.

This is me (in pixel form)

I'm putting together a show that I'm writing, performing in, and creating animations for. It's called


I'll be working with this excellent team:

I've done a week of performances in that fabulous Exeter venue, the Bike Shed- see photos of show below.

People seemed to like that. Trusted theatre-reviewing site Exeunt said

'Proper theatrical magic, as dark as it comes'

which is quite nice. I learnt a lot from those performances. The show is still developing and just needs a bit more time and attention before it's finished.


Good question, reader. I'm really glad you asked. Here's what I tell people about it:

A dark contemporary myth about England, featuring highly physical storytelling and animation.

In 1985, a fissure formed at England's centre and split the north from the south. A giant tear in the landscape, a real descending into an abyss of bottomless depth. And in the north, cut off, things began to stir.

After some shocking news, a young man embarks on a journey from the bright lights of the city to the dark and bloody heart of the north. There monsters lurk and a reckoning waits.

A tale about the bad things that happen to us and the stories we make up in response.

You can expect monsters and very bad people, glorious violent revenge and lots of dancing, all wrapped up in a thrilling noir revenge story.


The comic is going to explore further aspects of the world of the show and its mythology: part surreal guide book, part short story collection. I'm really excited to be creating this as well.


To do all this, I need to raise a bit of money. I've already secured most of what I need, so I'm asking for £1000 from you good people to finish it all off.

You'll support the printing of a 20 page comic, as well as the show going to these places:

New Diorama Theatre, London

The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol

The Boat Shed (pop up theatre) on Exeter Quay

Summerhall, Edinburgh Festival Fringe


I'll give you things. Pretty things, nice things, things you can experience, things you can look at, things you can put in your pocket or pin on your jacket. Things like a copy of the comic, personalised drawings, or this:

Handmade English breakfast badges. Other foods may be possible (for vegetarians)


Here is a mathematically accurate* pie chart:


*this is probably not true

So, in summary, the money will be spent on: PRINTING COSTS, DRAWING TIME, PUBLICITY/MARKETING, SET AND COSTUME,  and some TECHNICAL WIZARDRY to make everything look awesome.

So that's that. Come have fun up north (even when I'm down south)

All that's left to say is...


Thanks for reading this far. As a small reward, enjoy this gif of an animation used in the show:

If you'd like to donate some money to the project, no matter how much, I'd really appreciate it. If, once you've donated, you'd like to help even more than that, please share this campaign with anyone you think might be interested.

Thank you,



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£10 or more

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A heartfelt thank you from me in the form of a picture.

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Thanks, obviously. For this, you get a special animated version of the poster and a digital copy of the finished comic.

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Get the rewards for £5 and £20, plus a copy of the finished comic posted to you.

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All of the rewards for £5 and £20 pledges, plus an individually made 'food badge' (see description for an example)

£100 or more

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Welcome to the big leagues, friend. A copy of the comic, plus a food badge OR a cartoon of your face AND I'll write a myth about something in your hometown, with an accompanying illustration.

£250 or more

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£250 Reward

Wow. You must really like theatre, comics, me, or all three. Anyway, thank you. Pick and choose what you'd like: comics, badges, personalised myth and illustration, plus two tickets to the show.

£1,000 or more

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Something spectacular. That's all you need to know at this point, friend.

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