The Mindless Chef LTD The Mental Health Support

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Project by Neil Donovan

The Mindless Chef LTD The Mental Health Support

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Project by Neil Donovan


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Crowdfunder is waiving its platform fees for community and charity crowdfunding projects during the coronavirus crisis.

Crowdfunder is waiving its platform fees for community and charity crowdfunding projects during the coronavirus crisis. The Covid-19 epidemic could affect millions of people in the next few weeks.

These are unprecedented times but together, WE can make changes to help our community feel needed, wanted, loved and respected.

WE are The Mindless Chef and WE are bringing Mental Health and Food Together in Hopes to Help Treat Mental Health One Meal At A Time.

The Mental Health Community deserves so much more than our "People In Power" are currently giving.

Our aim is to provide our community of Mental Health and beyond, the power to become Self Aware and Self Efficient not just for themselves individually but for the families that Love and Support them.

We believe that YOU are Important and it is Important that YOU remember that!

Scaled Down Professional Outdoor Portable Kitchens!

Stay With Us!

We are raising funds to help us create these Outdoor Kitchens That will be driven to locations of Natural Beauty such as Lakesides, Mountainsides, Rivers, Brooks, Woodland Areas and so many more, Where they will be used to bring people who suffer from Mental Illnesses and other Mental Health Related Conditions Together to Learn, Prepare, Cook, and Share some much needed Support with others who over an Experience never before provided , be able to take part in Group Talks, One to One Talks, Story Telling and Anxiety Busting Activities.

That's not all, We are also bringing direct support to so many with One to One Mental Health Support, that will include but won't be limited to One on One Budget Planning, Life Skill Building Classes for those who struggle or who haven't had that support that is so desperately needed to Live a Whole and Fulfilling Life, One to One Meal Planning/Dietary Guidance, And Professional Personal Nutritional Guides, Teen Out Door Anxiety Beating Activities for groups and individuals, Mental Health Support and Counselling Services.

With everything above We are also working on so many other ideas which will include Professional Chef Led Cookery Classes in The Mindless Chef Training Kitchen For those Young Teens, Young Adults and Older Individuals who either want to or wish they had followed a career as a Chef but because of Mental Health Problems, Anxiety Problems or Life Problems they Simply Haven't had that Confidence to do so, or they Simply want to Develop the Skills to be able to cook and create at home for Themselves or There Families. These Classes Can and Will be Adapted for One to One Training if needed and Bigger Classes of 10 Individuals at a time with Time Guided But Not Limiting The Learning Process.


1614002074_trigger_warning_(1).pngWe Know how important children, Teens and Young Adults truly are in todays Mental Health World so a lot of our projects and ideas are going to be aimed at and provided for our Younger Humans who are struggling not only to find a place in this world but struggle to speak up with fear of sounding "Crazy, Stupid or Pathetic" which happens more than we would like to believe and NO Human Being should ever be judged for struggling or hurting no matter the age! We can make a change and it will take time but we have to because YOU and I were Young Once and We knew what it was like to hide the shame of suffering because of judgement.

There are so much more plans to talk about but we will leave this information for a future video in the coming months as we start to build more and more.

This GoFundMe has just shy of 1 year to be Raise and because we are Limited to what Funding we can apply for locally and due to Coronavirus causing so many to seek different methods of employment or Self-Employment, Funding has Dried up and been used which just means WE ARE NEVER GOING to FUND this alone without the help of people like YOU and of course personal funds being injected which isn't enough to push out this exciting journey alone.

The Funds will be used for, Building Letting, Licensing, Equipment, Literature, Staining Staff in Mental Health and Creating an App that will sit along side The Mindless Chef Support, We will also be Pushing some Funds towards Branding and Creating a Shop where we can sell Merchandise and put the Funds Directly into Creating More for the Community and Beyond.

I'm Neil (The Mindless Chef Creator and Founder) has suffered from severe Mental Instabilities for 17 years now and has a 16 year Chef Career behind him with 7 years at the top of the profession and his dedication and Mental Wellbeing means he has left the Professional Kitchen behind for now to focus on bettering the Mental Health of The Community and Beyond.

Mental Health is ever so important and with the work we have done already we have witnessed more Suicide than we would like to share here, not only are we disgusted that people are being left days, weeks and sometimes months or years without the proper support and goal setting but we are incredibly disturbed to know that without the support we and other currently volunteered support services offer, our community would be suffering so much more and that is simply heart-breaking.

We are The Mindless Chef and WE are here for YOU because YOU are Important and it is Important that YOU Remember that!

We will NOT sit by and Watch Our/YOUR Mental Health Community Suffer and Continue to Become a Statistic or Number on a chart, NOT When WE Can Make Change Possible Together.

Thank YOU so much for YOUR support and please remember to reach out if YOU or anyone YOU know could use some extra Support be it One to One or Group.

We are currently Peer to Peer and Advisory Led and YES We are actively working tirelessly to provide as much support as possible with the small team we have available and WE are making changes in so many peoples lives that WE want and Need to do MORE!

Stay Safe and Stay Connected, It Is Important Now More Than Ever.

Love and Light

Neil And The Mindless Chef Team


stronger, and the response is coming from communities across the country.

Volunteer groups are springing up to tackle the logistical problems faced in our communities – but they need urgent support. That's where we come in. We are training in Mental Health, Psychiatry, Psychology, Addiction and Substance Abuse Support, Suicide Prevention in Teens and Young Adults and so many more dealing with Grief, Anxiety, Depressions, Mindfulness and much much more to bring a powerful Mental Health Support Service for our Local Community here in South Wales and Beyond for the wider Mental Health Suffering Community.

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