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The Liquid Weapon is an organisation fighting the battle against the prevalent issue of Acid Attacks in the UK.

by Ellie Smeaton in Dorchester, England, United Kingdom

The Liquid Weapon is an organisation fighting the battle against Acid Attacks in the UK. Our mission is to eradicate the issue that has increased by approximately 90% over the last 10 years.

Adele Bellis, pictured at the bus stop where she was attacked. It is still visible to see where the acid stripped the paint on the shelter.

Our three main objectives are as follows:

Education: A programme for schools, community town centres and places of work to learn about how to deal with an attack if ever faced with one. The programme provides vital medical information which could change someone’s life. Such talks will include information about what we do at The Liquid Weapon and then will move on to talk about the necessary steps to take should you be witness to an attack. We also aim to have guest speakers come to these talks including emergency service men and women, NHS staff and victims themselves. This service is something that nobody else is currently conducting. It will be readily available to communities and schools nationwide. 

Support: This service will provide a space for both victims and their families to share their experiences and talk freely amongst themselves. It is not in place to counsel individuals, rather it offers a safe environment for people to connect and discuss their experiences. We aim to hold an event every other month to begin with and depending on its popularity and support, build on holding bigger, better and more regular meet ups. 

Prevention: We aim to campaign towards revised laws surrounding the ease of access to acid in the UK and the products it is used in. Our vision by 2025 is to install acid wash stations around the UK that are easily accessible to members of the public in the event of an attack. This will be achieved by publicly visual campaigns to raise awareness and promote less harmful alternatives, such as, powdered drain cleaner. We also aim to produce portable first aid kits specifically tailored to tackling corrosive liquid burns; making them available for the public to purchase to have on your person, kept at home or at work. The money made from selling these kits will go straight back into The Liquid Weapon to keep it running. 

Our Vision

We aim to be an established charity by the end of 2020, in order to do this, we need as much support as possible. Currently, as a 'one-man band' there is a lot of hours being put in. But with your support we would like the grow our team, getting industry professionals such as journalists, fundraising coordinators, accountants and other full-time staff on board. 

Where your money will go

When registering as a charity, there is a requirement from the government to have £5,000 secured in a bank account. Once we reach this target, this money will allow me to register The Liquid Weapon and start the ball rolling. From there, the money from ongoing donations will go straight into the production of the first aid kits and designing the acid wash stations. Progressing further, the money from our Education service will filter back into the organisation, funding wash kits, support meetings and maintaining The Liquid Weapon. 

Behind The Liquid Weapon

My name is Ellie; I am the founder of The Liquid Weapon. First of all, I want to thank you for supporting this page. It all began as a project I started at University while I was studying Press and Editorial Photography. I first had the idea for the project back in 2016. It was July 13th, my birthday, and the day 5 men got attacked with acid on mopeds in London. I followed the news story for a few days, hoping to find out what happened to all those involved- both victims and attackers. However, a few days went by and the news story seemed to vanish from the media. I began to look deeper into corrosive liquid attacks after realising they are much more prevalent in our society than we realise. At first it started as a photography project to raise awareness, I had no idea it would evolve into this. I am now looking to run The Liquid Weapon as a full-time commitment job. I am incredibly passionate about raising awareness about these attacks and educating society on how to deal with them. 

Thank you for your support.

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This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£50 or more

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£50 Reward- BottleShower

We have partnered up with BottleShower for this reward. "BottleShower has become part of most Corrosive Substance Kits issued to Police forces in the UK. All Metropolitan Response Vehicles feature this equipment as it is recognised as the single most important water washing aid in the dilution of acid available." Once donated, a BottleShower will be dispatched to your address.

£10 or more

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£10 Reward- Supporters Badge

We will send you a badge for you to wear with pride to help us raise awareness for The Liquid Weapon.

£20 or more

£20 Reward- Leaflets and Stickers

Pledging £20 to The Liquid Weapon will earn you a goodie bag of leaflets and stickers which we will send to your address. These leaflets include tips on what to do if you should witness an corrosive liquid attack. They are great to have in schools, community centres and places of work.

£60 or more

£60 Reward- Educational Skype Call

If you run a business or are involved in schools, this is a great reward for you. £50 will earn you a Skype call where I will talk about The Liquid Weapon and what I hope to do over the coming years. Answering any questions you may have and speak about what to do in the event of an attack. Ideal for assemblies in schools, business meetings and community talks. The more people that are educated on what to do in case of an attack, the better.

£200 or more

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£200 Reward- A Personal Visit

THE BIG ONE. This reward is tailored towards groups and organisations. The Liquid Weapon will come visit you to talk about what we do, and how you can help. With special guests, this reward is a gift of knowledge and education that would ensure you know how to help if you witness an attack. You will be the first people to receive such a visit as The Liquid Weapon takes its first steps as a fully fledged organisation.

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