The Last Cowboy in the West (Graduate Film)

by James Palmer in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

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THE LAST COWBOY IN THE WEST (graduate film) is a social-realist western exploring grief and loss through an isolated outlaw.

by James Palmer in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

On the coast, an isolated outlaw named Austin carries on with his unspoken journey. However he doesn't realise that his journey is one of self-discovery until Officer Hamilton arrives on the scene to break down this false wall of deception that he's created.

The Last Cowboy in the West is a meeting of the minds, a veteran outlaw and an inexperienced officer of the law. Both striving towards different goals by any means necessary. But can they make an agreement before one of them goes too far?

A love letter to Spaghetti Westerns, this film will set out to tell a personal story within a cult over-stylised genre. Unfortunately we don't have a prospector to find us some gold which is where YOU come in!

Having his previous projects in directing be in the style of westerns and film-noir, James has certainly found his way of telling stories. Whilst wanting to focus on grounded and heartfelt stories, he found the best way for him to tell these is through these genres that are loaded with conventions that made these genres the success they now are.

The concept initially came to James when watching Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone, a show of the 50s and 60s that dealt with themes of loss and trauma before many even thought to. As the idea snowballed into something greater, James kept finding himself coming back to one of his favourite genres, the old frontier. 

So this story is not just a love letter to a genre of before but instead a way to express the themes of loss and grief that all of us have to deal with. That the movies are escapism but they can still be so much more, they can connect to us on a personal level and bring us into a world that we felt only existed on screen.

Our team has been hard at work but there's only so much we can do. We have the work force, but we still need all the resources below to take this story from script to screen.

Actor's Salary: £500 - In order to depict Austin and Officer Hamilton the way they were written we've found the perfect actors. Their performances being rewarded with paper bags filled with cash.

Set Design, Props and Costumes: £350 - The perfect location has already been found for our Western exterior. But the props and costumes still need to be sourced and financed to complete the authenticity of this film.

Accommodation and Transport: £150 - Actors being brought halfway across the country as well as paying for their stay in East Anglia during filming.

Equipment: £150 - Luckily we already have most of our equipment for the film but the holy grail is still missing, the 16mm vintage camera. 

Film Processing and Scanning: £250 - Film certainly costs and it doesn't stop just with the camera. We still need to buy the film reel to shoot our film which then needs to be processed and scanned in order to edit it afterwards.

Catering: £100 - Shoot days are long (around 12 hours) and there's a lot of mouths to feed. We won't be wining and dining but the ability to feed our cast and crew during our shoot is always a luxury.

Meet the Team!

James Palmer / Writer & Director

An avid fan of classic and cult movies, James has brought this idea to life and lassoed the perfect crew to bring it all together. His job on set will consist of getting the best performances out of his actors as well as communicating with all departments to ensure the film's vision is coming to fruition. 

Emily Brown / Co-Producer & Production Designer

Emily has teamed up with James along the way in organising all the pre-production elements that are needed for when shooting commences. As well as this, Emily is sourcing the props and costumes as well as decorating our exterior set to replicate the European mountains of Spain and Italy.

Michael Dardis / Director of Photography

Michael will be shooting on both film and digital during the production and will make sure that all visual aspects are perfect when seen through the lens. In charge of light, composition and framing - Michael is the sheriff of the camera department.

Claudia Buchan / Sound Designer

Claudia will be testing her arm strength consistently during shoot with the dreaded boom pole as well as experimenting with the audience's ears when it comes to putting the sound together. A mixture of ADR, foley and on-set sound, Claudia will be pushing this Western environment past just what the camera sees.

Sait Eren / Composer

Our very own Ennio Morricone, Sait will use his childhood love of Westerns to encapsulate the composers who defined a genre. With his previous experiences in composing, Sait will create the tone and feel of the film through the strings being played.

Jade Boothby / Assistant Camera

With her knowledge of shooting and loading film on past professional projects, Jade will be Michael's confidant throughout the project.

Lauren Walker / Assistant Director

With her work on such films as The Souvenir Part II, Lauren will be tracking the progress of the production to ensure everything keeps on running smoothly. Arranging logistics, preparing call sheets and logging shots, Lauren will be the catalyst and cattle rancher for The Last Cowboy in the West.

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A digital link to the film when completed as well as a shout out on our social media pages.

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PDF versions of the official posters as well as the original script. You will also gain a 'special thanks' credit in the finished film. As well as this, all the rewards from the lower tiers.

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The 'Clint Eastwood'

Delivery of a signed A4 poster and behind-the-scene stills from the crew. As well as a link to a podcast special of the crew discussing the making of the film. As well as this, all the rewards from the lower tiers.

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The 'John Wayne'

You ARE the film. You will be rewarded with an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER credit and given constant updates during the film's festival run. As well as this, all the rewards from the lower tiers.

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