TheInstaLinkUp #SecureTheDj

by Marlon anthony gallimore in London, England, United Kingdom

TheInstaLinkUp #SecureTheDj


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We want to be able to rent a space so DJ's can livestream their dj sets to people so the audience can donate & raise funds for Dj's.

by Marlon anthony gallimore in London, England, United Kingdom

As we know 2020 has been a very challenging year for us DJ’s, with the lockdown of clubs & bars the majority of us have felt the burden financially and creatively.  

Even if we know each other or not, we are a family and, what do family do in times of crisis? A family comes together. 

Thanks to modern technology we have been able to do live streams & mixes and showcase our talents but it has its pro’s and con’s especially to our fans and supporters, and bringing back the Nostalgia of how radio used to be when the people’s favorite DJ’S would go back to back, show to show and people would be locked in for ages. This is the aim for this platform, to bring more eyes & ears to us as a collective & a culture. 

This year we have seen VERSUZ go off in a big way. There have been sound clashes and showcases, but what about a platform for us?  

2020 has been a wakeup call to our industry and I feel an online presence will help boost us. 

The reason why i set up Theinstalink up was to give Djs a platform to use as a outlet to release creatively, and for the audience who themselves have had a horrible year they can watch their favorite Dj's & tip/donate.

so far it's been going OK but we need to push this platform to another level! i am aiming to raise money so we can buy equipment, rent a creative space and raise funds to help out of work DJ's get through this tough time.

Me, myself is a DJ of 21 years and currently out of work, my finances are a mess and it's been struggle with this lockdown to keep mentally strong with not knowing when i will be able to work again, so i'm trying to create where my fellow DJ's can benefit from.

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