TheHumanTouch Coventry Invisible Illnesses Cafe

by Albert Pregely in Coventry, West Midlands, England

TheHumanTouch Coventry Invisible Illnesses Cafe
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On 30th November 2017 we successfully raised £700 with 26 supporters in 56 days

To provide a place of kindness,comfort, support,knowledge,empathy and therapy for sufferers and their carers of Invisible Health Conditions.

by Albert Pregely in Coventry, West Midlands, England

We all know someone who has an Invisible Health Condition or a disability caused by one 

Our  aim is to provide a place in Coventry for support,empathy and compassion for sufferers and their carers of life changing and debilitating invisible illnesses,for example......Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,Fibromyalgia,Me,Autoimmune Diseases,Multiple Sclerosis,Lupus,Ehler Dans Syndrome,Hypermobility,Raynauds Syndrome,Arthritis,Sjojrens Syndrome,Transverse Myelitis,FND,Diabetes,IBS,Endometriosis,Crohns Colitis and psychological conditions such as Anxiety and meet,to share their experiences,support one another,to learn about and to understand how to manage their condition.Many of them find it hard to explain how they feel to others and sometimes think that others do not believe them.We want people to believe their pain and how we feel.

'I BELIEVE YOU' are the three most powerful words to someone suffering with an Invisible Health Condition.

We are a local support group based in Coventry and  started in December 2014 

We started with two members which has now grown to 780 members and offer support online and local meetups.The Cafe would serve two main purposes firstly somewhere for sufferers to meet for informal chats,a cup of tea or coffee,light snacks,a slice of cake, and support group meetings and secondly to have access to the latest technology:-computers,etc and courses to learn,understand and how to manage their conditions and provide advice and support on welfare benefits and help people to complete their difficult forms. The courses would include topics such as Mindfulness,Relaxation Therapy,Stress Management,Assertiveness,Self Esteem,Arts and Crafts and Pain Management.

We are looking for premises with four rooms,one room for meeting informally for a cuppa and a bite to eat,one room for support meetings and classes and a room for one to one confidentiality and therapy and of course a washroom and toilet facility.

As their illnesses can be so disabling some find transport and mobility a difficult issue so we would also try to provide transport to and from the centre and ask volunteers to escort them.One of the disadvantages of these type of illnesses is the impact they have on people's confidence and self esteem and worthiness and they may become isolated and lonely.A place like this would help to build their self esteem,make new friends and help them manage their condition more effectively.The funding would be required for buying and renovating premises and running costs,staff,expenses,etc for the first twelve months.We will be looking for any old buildings or premises that we can convert into our project.We already have people who will help us with turning the place into a place of support,kindness and empathy and we are still looking for more to help us.If you feel you could help us in any way please contact us on 

If we do not reach our full target we will use your kind donations to enable us to rent suitable premises and approach other funding sources to ultimately reach our goal,so please give every pound you can.All funds are paid into TheHumanTouch Coventry Support Cafe bank account and as we are a non-profit organisation funds will only be used for the running and activities of the group.

After the first twelve months we are aiming to enable the cafe to be self funding by selling food,drink and books.And also by charging for courses and classes and hiring rooms out to other local support groups and organisations.It is an ambitious project but so needed by so many people who are struggling to have any real quality of life,maybe we can make a huge or small difference to their lives and also the lives of their families.

Will you please help so many chronically ill people realise their dream

You can all work and help us together to improve the quality of their everyday lives by donating as much as you never know one day you or a relative or friend may benefit from such a wonderful place to receive comfort,support and knowledge to improve your quality of life.

Warm regards

Albert Pregely

Group Founder

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This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£50 or more

£50 Reward

A 1 hour therapy session of your choice

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