Hapnin | Precipitating Radical Community Movement

by Nick in York, England, United Kingdom

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by Nick in York, England, United Kingdom

1610685658_organisational_chart_%234.pngWho am I?

My name is Nick (although some friends call me Nicholas when they want to get on my good side). My proudest achievement is writing an 'experimental fiction' (I was mostly proud to survive the chest pains it gave me when finishing it!). My biggest strength is being able to follow my own, unconventional path towards realising my wish that people be happy. My dream job would be lead singer in a rock band.

Who is my team?

I am currently a one-man-band outfit. I believe I can shoulder the workload until we get off the ground, but I will certainly be calling on family, friends and contacts to help out. I won't be taking any salary until Hapnin turns over enough - it is a passion project with my full attention. I'm taking a year out of work to give it my best shot. I hope to repay a hundred-fold or more all the support I have received thus far.

What is my idea?

At its core, Hapnin represents our readiness as a population to undertake a further rebirth of creativity. It is a vehicle for everybody to add to and benefit from their locality. The motivation for people to get on board can be personal, social, financial, material or all of the above. It is a platform that aims to propagate a marketplace, social media, leisure industry and venture capital of, by and for local people.

What is my vision?

Firstly, social health comes before all of our global problems. I have defined social health as: 1) vitality and meaning in daily life; 2) rediscovery of our human values; 3) right relationship with all existence. Secondly, we create the society in which we live, therefore individuals are more important than any and all institutions. Hapnin is then a movement or spontaneous growth of people who commonly share its wealth.1610685818_this_is_hapnin_image.png1610799377_pegs.png

Got an idea like this?

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