The Garden of Edun by The Flygerian's

The Garden of Edun by The Flygerian's

Vibrant colourful Nigerian street food with a modern British twist

We did it!

On 3rd Jan 2017 we successfully raised £200 with 9 supporters in 28 days
Hi, This is Jessica Edun and Joanna Edun here. Firstly we want to thank you for checking out our page you absolute diamond. So what’s this all about then we hear you ask? It’s about making two sisters dreams a reality with your generosity and good will.
For as long as we can remember we've always dreamt of owning our very own vibrant/colourful, food and bar stand that mirrors our well-travelled, out-going and fun personalities. That ww would then grow into a restaurant/bar that will unite people and inject some much needed love into any community. Now with the help of some like minded people we believe that in a few years we will be able to open a permanent residence in our area of birth — East London. We not only want to open a restaurant/bar, but we want to build a brand that will have  the nation buzzing and get talked about generation after generation. A true reflection of our diverse and vibrant home, London.
A place where everyone is welcomed and you can leave your troubles behind. What makes our business different is that it will be run by two sisters who have a passion for hospitality. We have hosted several dining and party events and gained a reputation for ourselves. We are best known as The Flygerians. ‘Flygerians’, why? The fly refers to our cool, carefree and vibrant nature. Throughout our circle of friends and beyond its a little known fact that we know how to elevate people's moods and bring out good soulful energy that has been weighed down by life stresses. We know how to turn casual drinks and quick food into memories which those who we have enjoyed this time with can one day share with their grandkids, (or be so drunken and lively you might want to keep to yourself). The ‘gerian’ refers to the fact that we originate from Nigeria — being two sisters of 8 siblings born in London and raised in a Nigerian household, mixed with a twist of British. Both influences have shaped us into the forward thinking, innovative and driven individuals we are. It has allowed us to be the best of two worlds, which translates into the passion and love put into our Nigerian meets British street food dishes. We want to create a conducive environment that mirrors our attitude to life. ‘Be present, love, laugh and dance. It’s good for your soul.’
Your donation would go towards setting up our food stand and would help give birth to our brand for years to come. This would mean the start of us living out our dreams and turning our ideas, hopes and dreams into a reality. With your help and our determination we could build our legacy and change the food industry for the better.

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