The Games Table vs. Lockdown 3

by The Games Table in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

The Games Table vs. Lockdown 3


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The Games Table found an amazing new home in 2020, we can't wait to get back open in 2021. Please help us to make that happen.

by The Games Table in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

We survived 2020.

Not only that, but for the time that we were fully open, it was amazing. Games were played, food was eaten, drinks were drunk... but most importantly everyone had fun!

We cannot wait to get back to that again in 2021.


At the start of January 2021, England went into another Lockdown. Whilst we are allowed to do both click and collect and / or delivery, I have decided against it. Why? I just believe we need to reduce as much contact as we can for a little while longer, this is our small way of doing that.

Now, it does appear we will be receiving some small government support (the devil is in the detail though) and this will help us get through these next weeks. Do not worry we are not in any danger of closing permanently. The business is too small and our Landlord is fully on side with what we want to provide (our rent being our biggest overhead). We will be back open when we can.

What is this Crowdfunder for then?

It is two things; 

One, it is a chance for you to pre-purchase store credit that you can use for future purchases. 

Two, it is a chance for you to help us out a bit if (and only if) you are in a good position to, with donations. 

Whatever you choose to do, it is honestly massively appreciated. Cash flow is tricky for a small business, especially when we have to make such drastic decisions as cutting off our revenue streams. Please double check any amount you choose to purchase be it store credit and / or a donation.

Thanks for your time and please continue to stay safe.



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