Selby & The Dharma Blitz "Howling Grace"

by Selby & the Dharma Blitz in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

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We are recording a new album!! "Howling Grace"will capture a collection of brand new songs, bringing you our most exciting material yet.

by Selby & the Dharma Blitz in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

Our story 

"Selby and the Dharma Blitz" formed in 2015 off the back of our debut album "The Splendor of Enough" We wanted an original and honest outlet for our creativity; a project that could host a true marriage between poetry and music. We wanted to create a sound that would entice the listener with captivating harmony and rising beats, whilst inviting them to engage with folkloric storytelling.

Since then we have been hard at work shaping our live sound, hauling this eight piece band up and down the country.    

Now after a well needed creative break we are ready to get back into the studio.  

The new album "Howling Grace"

This new album hopes to capture the true essence of the "Dharma Blitz". To create a record that embodies our current musical and lyrical voices.

In these unsettled times we search for hope in the beauty of necessity. We want to emphasize the importance of story, ritual and community in our everyday lives and explore aspects of grief and expression; elements of our lives that we often have to dismiss or sideline in order to get by in fast paced, materialistic cultures.

These songs are our reflections and we hope our listeners can resonate with them.

The struggle - Why we need your help 

A lot has changed since our first album. Back then we had an abundance of time and energy to really focus on our musical baby. Since then many of the group have gone through some serious life changes, bringing on huge responsibilities and new external pressures. This has left our precious creative project in a difficult balance with the practicalities of life.

After years of juggling making original music and making a living wage, we came to realise how much we were struggling to make this new album a reality. Recording and manufacturing is expensive and it became clear to us just how long it would take us to raise the funds through gigging alone. 

With your help we can get out of this struggle and give this album the life and energy it deserves. 

How you will be helping us make this a reality

All donations however small or large will be an enormous help in getting this project off the ground. Here is how we will be using the money raised for this project. 

  • Studio time with a professional engineer - We have an incredible studio lined up for the project and the bulk of the funds raised will be used to pay for our recording sessions.
  • Mixing and mastering - After recording the songs we will need time with a producer to mix down the tracks and sharpen the sound so it is fit for your ears.
  • An album cover from a spectacular artist. - Martin Ross Butler has collaborated with us on every piece of music we have released. His breathtaking cover for our debut album was utterly beautiful, and we are honored to have him working with us on "Howling Grace".  

  • To print Physical copies of the album and get them delivered to your door - For our first album we spent extra on creating a special physical package for everyone that purchased the c.d. We would love to do the same for this project.

The songs are written, the instruments tuned we just need your help to hit the record button. 

Music is our life. It is in our very nature and Your support means the world to us.



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

A signed physical copy of "Howling Grace"

A signed CD package of the new album! Complete with artwork and a written letter of thanks for your support.

£5 or more

A Digital copy of "Howling Grace"

Listen to the new album online or download it to your device.

£20 or more

12 of 300 claimed

Signed physical copies of both our albums.

A signed physical copy of "Howling Grace" and a deluxe c.d package of our debut album "The Splendour of enough". This includes a poster insert of Martin Butler's stunning cover for the first album.

£40 or more

3 of 15 claimed

Both Albums + Personal Rap message of thanks.

Signed physical copies of both albums, and a recorded Rap message of thanks written by Selby. He can write the Rap about anything you want! Just send us the details of what you want him to write about (however absurd, or profound) and he'll turn it into a recorded rap piece.

£80 or more

1 of 10 claimed

Both Albums + Poetry/Rap workshop with Selby

Signed physical copies of both albums, and a lyrical workshop with Selby! If your a budding lyricist or poet and have been thinking about taking your work to new places this could be the one for you. Selby can tailor the workshop to suit your style and needs. Either looking at the creative writing process, or the performance aspects of poetry and rap.

£100 or more

0 of 6 claimed

Both albums + Song writing workshop with Laura

Signed copies of both our albums and a Song writing workshop with the Dharma Blitz's wonderful singer Laura. Unfortunately this reward is only available in and surrounding the Bristol and Bournemouth areas.

£100 or more

0 of 5 claimed

Both albums + poetry/solo performance by Selby

Signed copies of both our albums and an intimate poetry/acoustic gig with Selby. Weather you want to book him for your event or for a performance in your kitchen he is willing and able. Unfortunately this reward is only available if the venue based in the South West.

£250 or more

1 of 6 claimed

Both Albums + Acoustic performance from the band

Signed copies of both albums, and a acoustic gig at a location of your choosing. It could be in your local pub or in your living room. We would be delighted to meet and play for you! Unfortunately we can only offer this reward for people based in the Southwest of England.

£500 or more

0 of 4 claimed

Both Albums + Full Dharma Blitz gig

Both albums + Full "Dharma Blitz" gig! Book the whole band to come and play at your favorite venue or even a house party. You do the invites we'll supply the sounds.

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