Pepys Music Hub - The Deptford EP Vol 2

Pepys Music Hub - The Deptford EP Vol 2

The project will the one of the unused rooms at the Co-Opepys centre turned into a music hub, and the creation of The Deptford EP Vol 2.

We did it!

On 2nd Jun 2017 we successfully raised £6,010 of £6,000 target with 17 supporters in 74 days

In the past the CoOpepys centre, which is ideally based in the centre of the Pepys Estate (Deptford) was hub where community’s art thrived, it was a place where everyone was welcomed to come and express themselves in a positive manner, no matter age, gender, colour or background...there was something for everyone.

The past few years saw the centre lose its way as such, mainly due to the sad passing of the previous manager. But with a new manager and committee in place the centre has started to return to its rightful role in the community as a place where people can express themselves in a positive manner. The centre still requires a bit of love and care to bring the building back to it’s glorious days, but more importantly what’s required is new projects in order to get as many people as possible through the doors making productive use of it, especially young people.


5 years ago we delivered a project entitled The Deptford EP, which brought together 20 young people from Deptford who had a passion for music. It took place at the Stephen Lawrence Centre and saw the creation of 4 tracks. 1000 CDs were duplicated and printed for free distribution in the local area. Ever since we delivered that project, young people have been requesting that a second version be delivered.


This project will see us turning one of the unused rooms in the centre into a music studio that will allow members of the community to record and express themselves in a positive and fun manner, whether their interest in music is something that’s new or it’s been a lifelong passion, it’ll be a space where old and young people can interact and share experiences and skills.

The initial project will see us creating another set of tracks entitled The Deptford EP Volume 2. Up to 20 young people will be engaged in the project to record original music, they will learn life skills as well as transferable skills in music recording and production. Participants will receive an AQA accreditation that will add great value to their CV & NRA, which will increase their employability and also support higher education applications. Our aim will be to get the tracks that are produced performed at Lewisham’s Peoples Day in July and the 1000 duplicated CDs will also be given out free of charge to the community to enjoy at that event.


The project will allow these young participants to learn the skills and earn the trust required for them to make use of the studio on a regular basis. The centre management and committee members will always be at hand to make sure all equipment is being used in the correct manner. The centre will benefit from a music studio from this project that will be available to run future project and available to be used by the community.


Contribution towards Centre’s utilities for 11 weeks @ £50p/w = £550

Studio Equipment, Computer, Program, Recording Mic & Booth = £1499

2 Project Facilitators/Tutors @ £25p/h working 6hrs p/w for 11 weeks = £3300

Advertising Flyers/Posters = £400

1000 CDs Print/Duplication = £250

Project Management @ £30p/h working 5hrs p/w for 11 weeks = £1650

AQA Accreditations @ £19.50 each X 20 = £390

This project is truly sought after and will benefit the entire community for years to come. Please support us by giving whatever you can.

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