The Daily Grind - Bluewater

The Daily Grind - Bluewater

We are an independent café currently operating within train stations, this has begun in order to fund a fixed site unit at Bluewater,Kent

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We have sent a proposal to Land Securites in order to win a 15 year lease within Bluewater, Kent. The unit in question is based in the centre of the Wintergarden Food Court, which is the central hub for all things Food & Beverage within the scheme.

In order to secure a Food & Beverage retail space at Bluewater there is the a requirement to have a 3-6 month deposit or bank guarantee, given that we are still in the early stages of the business we are not in a position to levy this investement on our own, in addition we would then have the fit-out costs in order to give the same level of look & feel that our exisitng customer base hasbecome a custom to. This is a rare chance for an independent caterer to have an opportunity to get involved in such a prestigous scheme, Bluewater are excited about the opportunity to get an independent caterer into the food court but will need us to reach the same conditions of entry as our national competitors.

There is other competition within the Bluewater scheme, however given that 2014 footfall figures within the scheme averaged at 75,000 visitors per day* leading to  Bluewater having  the highest UK average spend per group on catering in the country,  at £19 per group, this translates into a potential F&B revenue of £1.3bn per annum**. In addition to this there is currently no dedicated barista coffee operator within the Wintergarden Food Court, exclusivity of the Barista operation will be requested through the tenancy process and where demand can not be met with the current unit, a first chance tender clause will be requested so that we get first opportunity to take a lease on another/larger unit.

*Information taken from Bluewater Exec Summary 2015 - 27 million visitors per annum broken down assuming centre scheme is only closed on Christmas Day.

**Based on an average group size of 4 people