The Crypto Market

by Tahir Akram in London, England, United Kingdom

The Crypto Market
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

The Aim is to Sell crypto currencies to the UK market eventually expanding worldwide. Eventually adding the trading option.

by Tahir Akram in London, England, United Kingdom

The original idea was to create a market place to list items and services with crypto’s as a form of payment. The idea still remains the core of the business but first a place to buy and sell crypto’s need to be made available. There is a huge opportunity for growth in this sector as it is emerging and the competition is still relatively low, considering these facts it would be a good time to launch this project. It is a low cost startup project and can be very easily automated. The funds raised will be used for creation of the website which will serve as a platform, acquiring digital assets for trading and marketing. Initially I will personally manage the backend of things and as the project grows a team will be hired to run the back end. It’s a simple yet effective project as it’s basic trading, buying assets at a suitable price and selling for a profit. Also it will allow for a platform to educate others on use of crypto’s and will lead into other projects.


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