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by Finite Productions in Manchester

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On 10th May 2016 we successfully raised £7,740 with 63 supporters in 28 days

We are crowdfunding for The Crossing, a psychological drama about Terry - a man tortured by infertility.

by Finite Productions in Manchester

New stretch target

_We are so overwhelmed_


Thanks to all the amazing people who have pledged their support for our project! We are unbelievably overwhelmed by people's generosity.  We didn't think that we would reach this target so quickly and can't thank our backers enough for getting involved with the project.  Because of this, we are now able to stretch our target...


 _What this means_


The money raised so far will enable us to make the film.  Now we have the opportunity to raise our aspirations to make an even higher calibre of film.  The more money that we can raise, the better the film will be and the more chance everyone involved has of having their work - and the story - told on a cinematic stage.


This new target will allow us to spend extra time getting coverage, better performances and more measured scenes that will look, feel and sound precisely as the script requires to make an amazing story come to life.  It will also allow us more scope to film in the absolute best and most interesting locations to set the scenes in their intended manner.  More money means reduced creative and logistical compromise which will have a huge impact on the quality of the finished film, taking the production value to the highest possible level we can achieve.


Thank you again to everyone who has supported us so far.  Please keep sharing our journey and telling people about the film.  The more people involved in the project the better the end result is going to be!

_The Crossing_

The Crossing is a psychological drama about Terry,  a delivery man approaching 40 whose life has taken a downturn since he discovered he was infertile.  Alone and destitute, Terry is plagued by a recurring dream of a little girl alone on an empty island she’s desperate to leave. 


When Terry’s estranged ex-fiancée, Kesh’s address inadvertently lands in his lap at work, he sets out on a journey to make amends and face his demons but he soon discovers that she has moved on.  Having the door closed in his face triggers a harrowing chain of events that leads him to a difficult truth.

 _Why We're Telling This Story_

Globally, around 1 in 7 couples are faced with fertility problems. Perhaps surprisingly, in 40-50% of cases, this is due to problems facing the male partner. With this film, we want to give a voice to the psychological issues men can face as a result of infertility.


Whilst the film is a work of fiction, we hope to reflect the genuine problems of a man who feels helpless in his relationships and unsure about his wider place in the world. 


Terry’s story is told through an asynchronous timeline, taking the audience on a journey through his past and present, and also into his mind; the tumultuous mind of a man struggling with his infertility. 

_Why We’re Asking For Money_

Our goal is to make a cinematic, poignant and thought-provoking film whilst painting Terry’s troubled world in a stylistically bold and creative way. With a little bit of money behind us and a lot of hard work we will achieve this.  This is an important story that we feel needs to be told because of the issues and taboos around male infertility.


We are extremely fortunate to already have the support of Creative England and BFI NET.WORK, who are working closely with us on developing the script and planning the production.  They have contributed £5,000 which is a fantastic springboard and gives us the opportunity to make a good start on the film. 


However, through this site, we are seeking contributions in return for a range of rewards that we hope you will find appealing.  Filmmaking is expensive and every pound really does help to make a more filmic product.  We will ensure that the money raised is used to make a more expertly crafted film that tells the story in the most professional and cinematic way possible for the budget. 

Stephen Cummings (Production Sound, Pit Stop)

"I think the professionalism exercised by these guys shows in the quality of the final product and I would welcome the opportunity to work with them again on any future projects."

Elements of the shoot such as equipment, catering, travel, art department and post-production can very quickly become costly.  Simply put - the more money we have the more we can spend on making the film look, feel and sound higher quality, making the end product even more slick and professional.  Not only will a more polished product make the film more accessible - it will allow the story and the work of the cast and crew to be exposed to larger audiences and have a higher prospect of competing at film festivals worldwide. 

_The Process_

Having worked on a great number of film projects, this project is not only about the end product but is about the process for the entire cast and crew.  We encourage people to get involved with the project to sharpen their skills and get more experience on film sets.  We actively support junior crew members stepping up, working with more experienced crew members to learn and develop.  We believe that as we progress so should our crew. The funds we raise will help provide opportunities for everyone involved to advance with their careers.

Martyn Culpan (Focus Puller, Pit Stop)

"My experience on the film was rewarding in that I was able to step up to a higher job grade in which I had only a little experience...'Pit Stop' has benefited the careers of myself and the rest of the camera department."

_Our Track Record_

Finite Productions was established in 2006 by producer Garry Paton with one main aim; to make engaging and entertaining films.  Telling stories by talented writers and working with strong regional talent in the North of England and Scotland has enabled the company to form a solid filmmaking track record and support new filmmakers from the locations they shoot in.

The work Finite has produced has gone on to receive recognition both at film festivals and online including:

The Cull (57,000 hits on Vimeo): Nominated for Best British Short Film at Edinburgh International Film Festival; Vimeo Staff Pick; Shooting People Top Pick

Irreversible: Winner of Best British Short Film at Raindance Film Festival

The Hive (37,500 hits on Vimeo): Official Selection Encounters Film Festival; Vimeo Staff Pick; Shooting People Top Pick; UK Film Council Short

Shades of Living: Official Selection Citizen Jane Film Festival; The Smalls Film Festival; High Falls Film Festival; Sarasota Film Festival; UK Film Council Short

Hello, Spaceboy: Official Selection European Independent Film Festival

Geezer: Official Selection Aesthetica Film Festival; Winner of Best Short Drama at Isle of Wight Film Festival 

Pit Stop: Official Selection London Short Film Festival

Elliott Nelson (Runner / Driver, Pit Stop)

"It was a great opportunity to learn about the multitude of skills and roles it takes to produce a film, and I got the chance to see some impressive kit in action."

_The Team_

Producer | Garry Paton | Finite Productions

Garry Paton is a Scottish producer based in Manchester.  Garry has an array of short films under his belt, some of which have gone on to be selected at festivals worldwide.  From each project, Garry has learned more skills to help produce his next project to a much higher calibre and has progressed to a more bold, cinematic and entertaining style of story-telling.

In 2015, Garry produced Pit Stop, a twenty minute short.  The longer form enabled the story to play out much more carefully and stylistically.  The Crossing takes this experience and adds a much more layered narrative with multiple locations and three timelines.  Garry’s strong work ethic, determination to tell gripping stories and keen attention to detail will ensure that the production is executed economically, delivering an entertaining and thought-provoking film that will excite audiences. 


Writer / Director | Jack King | kingjack.co.uk

The Crossing is written and will be directed by up-and-coming Bradford filmmaker, Jack King, who recently wrote and directed Pit Stop with the support of UNESCO’s City of Film initiative.  It subsequently premiered at the 2016 London Short Film Festival.  The film starred Aqib Khan who is known for West is West.

Before making the move into shorts, Jack made his name directing music videos with a strong, narrative bent for the likes of EMI, Universal and other major labels under representation by world-leading agency 'colonel blimp' among others. Jack has amassed over a million views on his work which saw regular acclaim from the likes of Vimeo staff picks, hunger TV, 1.4, young directors award, promo-news and Vevo.

Jack is interested in telling layered stories with real issues and locations at heart, films with a social-realist filter but expanding into imaginative and often dark, hyper-real situations which reveal real psychological and emotional truths about the characters in them. Stylistically Jack uses and experiments with genre and tone to tell a story in an original and surprising way. 


Director of Photography | Phil Wood | philwooddop.com

Phil works internationally shooting features, TV drama and commercials. He shot the Oscar and BAFTA nominated short film, The Voorman Problem (starring Tom Hollander and Martin Freeman), which was also nominated for the Best Cinematography Award at the Fastnet Film Festival. He also shot the multi award winning short film I am Sami filmed on location in Kurdistan, Iraq.

His recent credits include:

The Voorman Problem: Nominated for Best Live Action Short at the Oscars; Nominated for Best Short Film at the BAFTAs; Nominated for Best Cinematography at Fastnet Film Festival; Winner of Best Live Action Short at Cinema St Louis International Film Festival; Winner of Best Fiction Short at Let’s All Be Free Film Festival; Winner of Best Short Film at Colchester Film Festival; Official Selection at over 36 film festivals internationally

Stan Lee’s Lucky Man (Episode 7 & 8): TV drama by Carnival Films for Sky 1

Our World War (Interactive Episode): TV drama for BBC 3

Chicklit: Feature film starring John Hurt and Dame Eileen Atkins

Peekaboo: Short film starring Lesley Sharp and Shaun Dooley

Phil studied at the Northern Film School where he was trained on Super 16mm. Phil is equally proficient working with both film and digital formats, and has built a reputation for creating strong cinematic images.


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This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

£5 Reward

A big thank you shout out on our Twitter and Facebook pages. PLUS news updates via email - be first to find out what we’re up to and how the film is progressing.

£10 or more

£10 Reward

EXCLUSIVE access to the film at home after it completes its film festival run. PLUS Official digital poster of the film. PLUS All previous rewards.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

EXCLUSIVE behind-the-scenes pack about the making of the film including photographs, production notes and secrets from the shoot. PLUS FIRST LOOK at the film as soon as it’s completed - BEFORE it starts its film festival run. PLUS All previous rewards.

£45 or more

£45 Reward

EXCLUSIVE access to a behind-the-scenes FILM showing how the The Crossing was made, including pre-production insider tips for new filmmakers. In the film we’ll take you on location to see how ideas go from the page to screen. PLUS All previous rewards.

£100 or more

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£100 Reward

Invitation to the private cast and crew screening as well as a drink in the bar after the film. PLUS A 'thanks to' credit on the film and on imdb. PLUS All previous rewards.

£150 or more

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£150 Reward

Dinner with the writer / director and producer before a private cast and crew screening of the film. Your chance to talk about the making of the film in more depth with the filmmakers. PLUS All previous rewards

£250 or more

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£250 Reward

A VIP half-day visit to the shoot for you and a friend. Go behind the scenes at one of our locations to see how the film is made. (Travel not included) PLUS A book of the filmmakers’ journey, including printed photos from the shoot, behind the scenes stories and director’s notes. Also includes a final shooting script signed by the director and producer’s notes from the film. PLUS All previous rewards.

£500 or more

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£500 Reward

A VIP whole day visit to the film shoot for you and a friend, including lunch with the cast and crew. Get an in-depth look at how the film is made and get a chance to help out with the filming. (travel not included) PLUS The clapperboard from the film. PLUS A special thanks to credit on the film and on imdb. PLUS All previous rewards (except half-day visit).

£500 or more

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£500 Reward

A half-day masterclass with the writer / director and producer of the film for your college or university. Hear about the making of this Creative England BFI NET.WORK film from development to completion. Learn from the filmmakers' previous experience in film and TV. PLUS All previous rewards (except clapperboard and set visits).

£1,000 or more

£1,000 Reward

Support the project from your business by sponsoring us. In return we will credit your business on the film as one of our production partners - including your logo - on the film and online. PLUS We will utilise our social networks both during and after the filming to show you have supported us. PLUS With our track record we expect to attract between 20,000 and 50,000 online viewers on top of planned cinema screenings, all of whom will see your business has supported us and will see your logo. PLUS All previous rewards (except clapperboard and set visits).

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