The Business of Psychology: Podcast and Community

by Rosie Gilderthorp in Derriford, England, United Kingdom


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Psychologists and therapists have big ideas to reverse the crisis in mental health. I provide the business skills they need to succeed.

by Rosie Gilderthorp in Derriford, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

More money means that things can happen faster. The more quickly I can get some support and some tech behind me the more quickly I will be able to get the best experts to speak to us and the better the experience I will be able to give to members.

Why do we need the Do More Than Therapy Community?

The world knows there is a crisis in mental health. As psychologists and therapists we have ideas that could make a big difference. But we don’t have the training in business skills, marketing and finance that we need to get our ideas off the ground and create sustainable change. With the Do More Than Therapy community and the Business of Psychology Podcast I aim to fill that gap in our training in an affordable and accessible way. Members of the community will sign up to monthly peer supervision groups and masterclasses from experts who know how to create and sustain projects that have big impact. Any profit made from subscriptions will go back into the community as grants to help get your projects going. 

Why are you Crowdfunding?

I'm very excited to be part of the Bring it 2020 competition which is hosted by the Back Her Business partnership between Natwest and Crowdfunder. The programme aims to promote, empower and increase the number of female entrepreneurs in the UK.   As part of the competition, I must raise money from the crowd, gain some customers and spread awareness of the Do More Than Therapy Community and the Business of Psychology Podcast and the bank will match fund towards my crowdfunding campaign! This is an opportunity for us to accelerate the good that this community (which is already amazing on Facebook) can do. So please help me by pledging for a reward, as a donation or sharing my page with someone you think will be interested.

What have you got lined up so far?

I am excited to announce that in April we will be running a challenge and masterclass for people who want to self publish a book. The short course will cover:

  • The pros and cons of self publishing rather than traditional publishing
  • Myth busting - fighting the fear of writing a book
  • Finding and writing for the people you want to help
  • Creating a book blueprint
  • How to get great at writing
  • Editing
  • Launching
  • Marketing 

As with all the challenges and masterclasses I am planning to run the course will run live from the 19th - 24th April but all content will be available to members afterwards so anyone who can't attend live will still be able to benefit.

Everyone who pledges over £10 (and who wants one!) will also receive a copy of my 31 page ebook "The Psychologist's Business Plan". This includes everything I wish I had known two years a go and actionable worksheets to help you plan and execute your dream project without having to study an MBA.

I don't want to write a book, what else have you got for me?

I am already talking to experts about masterclasses for May and June including: 

Social media marketing on a budget

Knowing your numbers and making them work for you (whatever your goal)

One thing I have learned from my own journey in private practice is that you can pick up helpful knowledge anywhere. So even if you don't think self publishing a book is for you there will certainly be tips about getting to know the people you are trying to help, researching, project planning and reaching people that you will find valuable.

What does the future hold?

Going forward it is crucial to me that I meet the needs of this community. The response we have had so far to the Facebook group has blown me away and I am determined to get you whatever you need to get your project working. My own experiences have given me some ideas of what we need help with but I fully intend to listen to what you want. That is why if you choose the "Founding Member" reward you will be invited to a quarterly zoom call where we can discuss the direction of the community and future podcast topics.

What will the money raised be used for?

At the moment I am doing everything for the community and podcast myself with a little social media help from the lovely Sam Hill. As both grow I suspect (and hope!) this will become slightly impossible. To make sure I can get you the expertise you need I think I'm going to have to grow a team to help me with:

  • Podcast editing and other costs! This is SO HARD! It is important to me that the podcast remains as a free resource but it actually costs me quite a lot to make it so some of the money raised will be used to get me some help with editing and to cover hosting and similar costs. 
  • Expert speakers. There are amazing people who support what we do and want to help us for free. I am amazed at how generous people are with their time and I haven't struggled to get free guests for the podcast. I don't however think it is ethical to take someone's time for free when it comes to a masterclass or training so I want a small budget to be able to pay for the expertise we need. 
  • Membership site. I've started the bare bones of a website for us over on . As the membership, resources and activity of the community grows I will need to invest in more technical support for this. I don't even know what that will look like but I know I have to pay for it!
  • A team. One thing I know for sure is that to get a movement off the ground it takes more than one person and a laptop. Our strength will be in our numbers as the more of us there are the more we can share our experiences and expertise. So I think I am going to need help in the beginning to spread the word and as we grow to make sure it all works smoothly. This is a social enterprise so no one is going to be taking home mega bucks but I do think anyone involved should be paid fairly because when we aren't paid fairly we get stressed about money and when we are stressed about money we can't help others. 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£50 or more

Do More Than Therapy Community 3 months membership

This reward gets you three months membership to the Do More Than Therapy Community. You will get access to: *Monthly peer supervision group (online) *Monthly masterclasses including the self publishing challenge and masterclass in April and two more in May and June. * The Psychologist's Business Plan, 31 pages of everything I wish I knew starting out and actionable worksheets to help you make your dream a reality straight to your inbox

£5 or more

Individual supporter

If you are passionate about mental health but feel big changes need to happen to help the people who need it most then consider supporting me in my mission to help psychologists and therapists make their plans a reality. Many of the members of the free Facebook group I have set up have plans to create inspiring community projects that will make a real difference to people's lives. Your donation will help them to make that a reality. Thank you x

£10 or more

The Psychologist's Business Plan

The Psychologist's Business Plan is 31 pages of everything I wish I knew starting out and actionable worksheets to help you make your dream a reality. It will be delivered straight to your inbox. This is perfect if you would like to join the community but you aren't sure this is the right time for you to join the movement.

£25 or more

Try out the self publishing challenge and workshop

Join us for the self publishing challenge and masterclass for just £25. No commitment. Just come a long, have your life changed and then tell me if you want to stick around :) The challenge runs from the 20th to 24th April and the masterclass will be on Friday 24th. If you can't attend live all content will be accessible afterwards so you can catch up in your own time. You also get a copy of the psychologist's business plan to your inbox!

£100 or more

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Do More Than Therapy Community Founding Member

This reward is 6 months membership to the Do More Than Therapy Community. This means you will get access to: *Monthly peer supervision group (online) *Monthly masterclasses including the self publishing challenge and masterclass in April and five more. * Psychologist's Business Plan. As a founding member you will also be invited to quarterly zoom calls with me to talk about the direction of the community and what you want from it.

£500 or more

Business Backer

If you feel passionately about mental health and your company is looking to support innovation in this area then we would be very grateful for your donation.

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