The Bluehaired Baker’s First Location

by Rose NW in London, England, United Kingdom

The Bluehaired Baker’s First Location
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To open my first permanent location in my local community.

by Rose NW in London, England, United Kingdom

As a young woman born and raised in South London, coming from a disadvantaged background it has been a whole journey just being able to create the right mindset to bring my dreams into fruition alone. With a very big family and being a big sister I have always had to set an example, for other young girls especially. 

Ive always known I love to bake, from teaching myself at home to working full time baking cakes for cafes in East London, working my way up under Chef Calum at The Rosewood Hotel and studying my business BTEC to successfully launching my business in 2018 (which you can see here) I’ve put in the work and researched to reach my goals. To receive the funding and add it to my savings and move into the location would be the start of what I feel will be an amazing, special journey. 

I’d be propelling my business yes, but my ultimate goal is to have a location that will not only support charities and likeminded organisations, but that will also as a local business translate into a safe space for workshops to help build young girls less advantaged and encourage them to flourish personally and career wise. Your donation will help to put The Bluehaired Baker on the map and eventually bring that objective to life. 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

A thank you for donating!

50% off your first product if you come to visit the location once secured within the first month!

Let's make 'The Bluehaired Baker’s First Location' happen