Theatre project.

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Theatre project.
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On 15th April 2015 we successfully raised £120 with 5 supporters in 28 days

Educate,entertain,four animal characters,comedy,theatre, Thailand zoos.

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Hi I've has to stretch the target all donation go to the exact same place.

Project aim

Educate,entertain,four animal characters,comedy,theatre, Thailand zoos.

About the project

Project aim

Educate,entertain, Thialand zoos, fun,good cause, make a change

About the project

My name is Leanne hummerstone and I have devised a theatre project which I am aiming to reach out to communities up and down the southwest with the intention of this expanding further. Through the use of four fantastic, unique and comical animal characters I wish to entertain and educate both parents and children in the dangers of consumerisms and how we can be more productive towards enjoying life to the fullist. A few topics I will focus on are:-

Engaging more with communities.
Growing your own veg.
Offering support to local cat and dog shelters.
Using the arts to express creativity and to be used more as a replacement for TV and computer games.
Educating children to be more aware of people less fortunate then themselves. E.g the Christmas shoe box scheme.
Encouraging children to be more connected with the outside world and what it can offer.
My overall aim is to engage audiences and help them to understand what the more simplistic things in life have to offer. By grabbing opportunities from outside of the materialistic world that we live in. I will be using comedy and plenty of auidence interaction to stimulate a response from audience members. Allowing children on the stage to participate and interact with the animal characters.

This theatre project will also help me to fund my own charity in which I am currently setting up co working with Blue Tail Animal Aid International were we will be working in Thialand to help towards poverty driven zoos were animals are in unspeakble living conditions and ill treated to the point of starvation. I wil be aiming to help fund this charity and their project which is aiming to rebuild zoos and rescue animals in these conditions. I am really passionate about making a difference in this world and helping towards preventing miss treated animals worldwide. I will further down the line wish to expand my project and it's funding towards helping feed the homeless and improving the quietly of lives for people in poverty.

I am seeking funding to help me pursue my dreams of helping animals and people. I will need money for costumes, theatre hire, travel cost. Please sponser me I feel this project has great prospects and it's all for a good cause. If you wish for more information please email me


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