Theatre of the oppressed Telagana India trip

support resilient underrepresented farmers, learn and share artistic practise that might help to create change where it matters

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Visit Badampet village in Telangana, India to engage with farmers who like thousands across the country have lost control over their resources and food, resulting in crippling debt and suicide amongst people in rural areas. 

These tender tenacious people have embraced Theatre of the Oppressed. Inspiring vehicles for the distressed to vent & invent with inventories scored on the malnutritioned tissue of there Lionhearted chests. 

In collaboration with CAWR and Food Sovereignty Alliance India, I will go be of support, learn how there struggle can inform our own around these issues - though not the same number; suicide rates amongst our farmers are far from pretty, and control of what we digest becomes murkier by the minute for many of us. I will also deploy my skill set to create evermore fiery, moving work that can be part of meaningful change. 

I cannot perceive of people more worthy of our time and energy and I cannot envisage of a better source of parallel inspiration that can add value to our cultures struggle to regain power over food sovereignty.

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