Theatre for Life, India (via Solidarity Hull, UK)

Through theatre, smallholder farmers envision ways to regain control of their land, food and lives. Support us and be part of the change.

We did it!

On 17th Feb 2018 we successfully raised £1,575 with 46 supporters in 42 days

Smallholder farmers of Badampet village in Telangana, India, like thousands across the country, have lost control over their resources and food, resulting in crippling debt and suicide amongst people in rural areas. 

During the final months of 2017 twenty farmers from Badampet village, cutting across diverse ages, genders castes, communities and religions worked together to devise a play depicting their crisis. 

Performing the play in the village created a space for dialogue that is already bearing fruit, with farmers envisioning collective ways to regain control of their land, food and lives. Families who have felt isolated in their struggles for too long are recognising the power of collective action. 

Performances in more villages are crucial for widening this dialogue amongst farmers, towards changing their lives. Your support will make this possible. 

This campaign is anchored by the Food Sovereignty Alliance, India, whose members are organising for democratising food and agriculture systems. 

  • If you are outside India, please donate on this website and our friends at Solidarity Hull will pass all the funds directly to us. 
  • If you are based in India, please donate via this link
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