The art of cuddling & other things...

by Circ Motif in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom

The art of cuddling & other things...
We did it
On 29th August 2018 we successfully raised £1,545 with 24 supporters in 49 days

A contemporary circus, dance and physical theatre show which looks at the importance of human connection in a very unconnected world.

by Circ Motif in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

With further funding, we will take our piece into rural isolated communities and further develop the piece into a full-length show using ongoing data we collect from conversations and connections we make through the project. 

This will continue to not only develop arts and culture within North East communities but start to rebuild the vital connections we need as humans to survive.

With ongoing funding, we will be able to work with arts organizations and community projects to inspire and teach valuable skills to young people and vulnerable adults.

Do you remember the last time you were held? Like really held?
I don’t mean that awkward quick wrap of the arms we feel we need to do when greeting someone, or that weird mistimed was it a hug or handshake business. 

I mean really held.

Yeah, Me neither.

Truth is I think we're scared. We are scared to touch, to hold, to be held, to give in, to let go. Why is it that in a world where we are the most "connected" we feel the most alone?  

Statistics showing counts of depression and anxiety have risen dramatically since 2013. 

These figures also show the increase in treatment of such disorders showing a rise from 31 million antidepressant drug prescriptions being issued in 2006 to 65 million in 2016. 

That’s a 108.5% rise. 

What if what we are missing isn’t a pill to swallow or a pillow to scream in? What if all we need is a cuddle? 

In fact, human touch releases a cocktail of chemicals in our brain which contributes to reduced anxiety levels, immune support, reduced blood pressure and lowers cortisol levels.

"This show is a reminder of how important it is to stay human."


“The art of cuddling and other things” incorporates high-level acrobatics, hand balancing, movement, dance, comedy and physical theatre to explore topics such as loneliness, isolation, human connection and human origins. 




Creative Director | Hannah Thompson

Choreographer, Dancer | Lizzie. J. Klotz |

Choreographer, Dancer | Catherine Muckle |

Choreographer, Dancer | Alys North |

Acrobat,  Dancer | Ross Taylor |

Musician & Composer | Josef Edwards |




HOW WILL WE DO IT? - Firstly we would like to collect data on the topics from the public through questionnaires, public engagement activities, and conversation.
We will then use the data as an impetus for generating material combining dance, acrobatics, physical theatre, comedy, and sound.
Once the material has been finalized we will perform the work in progress to a small number of venues in the North East inviting those who contributed to the initial data as well as the general public, arts organizations, producers and programmers to ensure life for the project beyond the R&D stage.


According to  ITV news "Figures from the Mental Health Foundation show that the North East has the highest percentage of people who've reported suffering from a mental health problem. 

In the North East, the percentage is 71%. The area with the lowest percentage is the East of England at 59%.

The figures also revealed that:

  • 40% of people surveyed had suffered from depression
  • 32% had experienced panic attacks
  • 4% had suffered post natal depression"

This show aims to reach out to audiences who need to feel comfort, those who need reminding that they're not alone and that we all feel isolated, we all feel scared and we all need a hug. 




Please help us raise enough to support the team within the R&D stage of the project. We need to get out into the community and start conversations, collect data and create material to project to venues all over the North East.

We want to be accessible to wider audiences within North East England, inhabiting fringe venues and outreach venues.

This means we need to tour small venues and theatres in rural North East England building networks between communities and actively engaging with community organizations and groups to inspire those who have been forgotten

We will use the money we raise to develop the first stage of this project which will include...

  • Research on the topics of the project and collect data from the public.
  • Time in the studio to take the data and explore ways of transferring it onto the stage.
  • Finalising the material we have made into a work in progress short show.
  • Perform the show to venues in and around the heart of the North East.
  • Continue to grow the project for outreach performances, reaching wider audiences and deprived communities.



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