The Always Fresh Food Company - Regular Meals

The Always Fresh Food Company - Regular Meals

There is no fresh meals on wheels service for the elderly and disabled in Birmingham, period. These people deserve fresh food, every day.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Back in the day, if you were elderly, disabled or had trouble cooking, the local council would help. You could get meals delivered daily. This stopped. There is no help any more. The council suggest you buy frozen food and microwave it.

I don’t believe making the most vulnerable in our community go out and buy, then eat unappetising and unhealthy frozen meals every single day, it’s not right. 

What have I done about it ?

I have started a business to deliver home cooked meals to those who need them, up to seven days a week. Whilst I have a handful of customers ready for launch, it is very difficult to get in touch with people to let them know about the service. I am spending upto 10 hours a day dropping leaflets through doors and speaking to people. 

What do I need?

I have left my career in corporate finance to help the community, I am spending all the money I have purchasing equipment, to enable me to grow, I will need a van to get to as many people as possible. As the business is brand new, and I am selling my meals as cheaply as possible, I do not have the money to get a van, and I won’t for some time. This is where I need help. 

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