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We want to bring the cost of sports down and support kids from poor and middleclass family who struggle to get into sports.

by Ravi Tiwari in Swindon, England, United Kingdom

Mental health is such a crucial topic today and for a healthy mind we need a healthy body and for a healthy body, there is nothing better than sports.

We are trying very hard to get everyone involved in sports, get active, talk to people, make friends and have a healthy and happy life. We are encouraging kids and even young adults including girls/women to come and join any sports of their choice.

It is alarming to note that only 31.4% of women and 40% of men actively participant in any sports and if you break it down to race and origin only 12.5% Asian girls/women are actively participating in sports.

We strongly believe a lack of friendly support and entry cost is one of the biggest barriers. People are struggling to afford quality equipment, dress, kit, and quality training purely due to the high cost and to make it worse, there is no one to support and encourage them to get into sports and back them up.

And issues like this are severely marginalising poor kids and especially girls. This is leading to a crisis where young kids cannot find a role model that reflects their own experience or background. It gets even worse when we turn to kids of different colour and origin and that makes it difficult for everyone to fit in together in the community and creates dissatisfaction within the society.

“The AB Sports” provides a platform where everyone is encouraged to get involved in the sports without worrying about the cost and expenses. We want to be that friend who is always there to support you, even without you asking for it. We are a big supporter of #Mentalhealth initiative and so we support people from all background irrespective of their age, sex, religion, and economic background to come together and play as one team, be fit, try to excel every day and look forward to next session.

In the last 4 years, we (a team of 10 people with IT background but avid sportsmen) have been working voluntarily on this project where we want to make sports affordable to all section of the community and NOT charge 200-300% margin on everything that is currently being sold at high street and even online retailers. Our motto is to support kids from poor & middle-class family who struggle to get into sports because they cannot afford to buy an expensive kit, dress, appropriate training material, nutrition and right coaching because all these things are unaffordable in the current market.

We have spent a lot of time, effort and our own personal funds to kick off the project and so far, we have done alright. We work closely with ECB, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire Cricket, Level 2 and 3 coaches, using state of the art ECB facility to give coaching @ £10 per hour when the national average cost for such coaching is more than £40 per hour.

Our kids have gone to make a place for themselves at District Level and Junior county. We have already got an operational e-commerce and informational website; we have done lots of roadshows and local meetupa where we have explained what we do and why. All this has generated a lot of interest in the local community and now people know us and have started coming forward to support us - in the radius of 30 miles. However, we now think we need to expand our reach from 30 miles to 300 miles and let everyone know about our service offering (Equipment, clothing, coaching, international tours for kids) and also expand our business from Cricket only to other sports like Football, hockey, swimming, badminton and so on.

To keep our cost to rock bottom, we purchase all our stuff directly from the manufacturers in India and we are 100% online retailer (to avoid the cost of stocking, employee, rent, commercial bills etc). Having said that, we are always available on call, text and WhatsApp to offer a suggestion, support and guidance.

Pls visit where you will see our 4 distinct support arm and you can also see we are cheapest service provider across the UK, which shows that our idea is not to make a profit but to serve the community - far and wide.

To give you an idea, all our stuff is at least 40-50% cheaper than any online retailer and around 1005 cheaper than any high street reseller and the best part is we provide same if not better quality. There is no compromise with the quality to bring the cost down. We sell our stuff at our cost and do not intend to make any profit. And in case we end up with any profit due to any reason like fundraising and donation etc. we reinvest it back in the business.

And our best story is, we have 100% repeat business because we don't sell a commodity, we provide service, we provide encouragement, we provide support and once someone gets it, they don't need to go anywhere else.

Please note, this fundraising is for scaling up the business (not-for-profit). This has been our passion and we have invested a lot of time, effort and our personal funds in the project. However, now we want to scale it up and so we need your support. And any fund that you donate or back us with, will go in the business and help us change the long term game especially for girls and kids from an economically weaker section in general, to give them an equal chance to get involved in sports, who knows we might have a world champion sitting somewhere just waiting for your morale and financial support.

What we want to do:

  • To start with, we want to be able to cover all our cost, expenses, pay our volunteers and supporters and don't end up being out of our pocket.
  • Revamp our e-commerce website, invest in SEO, target right audience
  • Spread the word, do press releases, present our idea on TV and Radio and inform people what we are doing and how we are making sports affordable for everyone
  • Hire local sales executives who can go to different clubs and schools and help them reduce the cost of sports engagement with the local and wider community.
  • Launch our Mobile App where customers can do all eCommerce activity as well as book the coaching session. We have already built the first draft version which needs to be taken to the next level now.
  • Provide free coaching to talented children, irrespective of their education, age, background, race, origin, faith or religion. This means we need to cover the cost of the ECB Level 2 coach
  • Provide free kit and equipment to talented kids who come from the poor economic background. This means we need to have enough stock in place and also be able to cover the cost of purchasing them including P&P


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