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We did it
On 21st May 2020 we successfully raised £10,000 with 110 supporters in 21 days

Clothing line for young female professionals, making it more affordable for us to dress appropriately for work

by Kate Fragkaki in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

We will use the extra money to create a series of visual shoots for our range. 

The funding will be used to book a professional photographer and studio space or to rent an office. 

The Birth of Thea

When I applied for my first corporate job, the last thing on my mind was what I would wear once I got the job. Once I finally got a job, finding approbate, professional dresses to wear in the office was very hard to find. The dresses I did like were all much too expensive for my pay bracket. 

I began researching if other young women had a similar issue, they did. This is how I birthed Thea, meaning goddess in greek, where we will offer affordable professional dresses for young women. Empowering them to wear bold colours in their workplaces. 


Social Media 

We will put most of our energy into having a strong social media presence. Having regular shots and working with influencers to push out the brand. The main theme we will be pushing is empowerment and inspiration. Showcasing women who are doing well. 

Themed campaigns 

We will ensure to push our products throughout the year, but will especially do themes campaigns on Mother day, international women's day etc. We will be offering discounts and deals during these periods of time. 


We will be showcasing women in the workplace, via our quarterly magazine, it will be a shoot with 25 women who are killing it in their workplaces, wearing Thea dresses. Each person will be interviewed, where we will focus on how women can win and break the glass ceiling in the corporate space. 

Purchasing a Thea Dress 

I will be working with UK based designers to create timeless pieces. Our first range has been designed and currently in production. All dress will be purchasable via our website. 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£40 or more

Aphrodite Reward £40

You can get a dress from our Aphrodite range, which will work out you get 40% off.

£15 or more

Hebe Reward £15

You can get a gift card from our Hebe range, which will work out you get 50% off.

£90 or more

Athena Reward £90

Get two dresses from our Athena range, which will work out you get 20% off.

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