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by mikeymagnet in London

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On 26th October 2012 we successfully raised £14,981 with 119 supporters in 30 days

We are The Magnets, one of the world's leading a cappella groups and stars of many a festival, TV and radio show. Behind the scenes we are a hard working small business providing a living to six band members and two technicians as well as a platoon of agents, producers, choreographers, publicists and venue staff. We're proud to be, in our modest way, that rare thing; a successful British export. This summer we launched our brand new show Homegrown at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, a project featuring songs by great British songwriters and our own original songs, and we are currently in the middle of recording the accompanying album. As you can probably imagine, the cost of developing a new show and recording a new album at the same time is pretty huge, and while we've been working extremely hard to fund it, we must admit our band kitty is empty with half the record still to complete. In years gone by this situation has forced us to choose between rush releasing a half-finished album, or getting into some serious debt through a bank loan or overdraft. Fortunately there is an alternative these days called Crowd Funding which has been tried successfully by several bands, and we're keen to give it a go with your help. At its most basic crowd funding works by supporters of the band paying for their next album in advance, so that the band have enough money to make the album that their supporters want to hear. However, it is also an opportunity for a band to offer their friends and fans a whole range of options in return for their financial backing, from VIP passes to concerts in their living room. We hope you will join our funding project via which we'll be seeking to raise £10,000 to record a further 7 songs (each song costs approx. £1500) to complete our album. The 'rewards' we are offering for your money are on the right hand side of the page. We're only allowed six, so we hope you find one that interests you. If you've got any suggestions for different rewards, do let us know and we'll try and include them if we do this again in the future! All our thanks for your interest and support in our project. We look forward to celebrating its completion with you somewhere on the road. The Magnets

by mikeymagnet in London

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sputnik 23rd October 2012

<p> Here's hoping it's on Iplayer because I'm rarely out of bed before lunch time, and more to the point I don't have a TV.</p> <p> But seriously, I do have to say I am so proud of you guys!</p> <p> Cat</p> <p> x</p>


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

£10 Reward

A digital copy of our new 5 track Homegrown EP, available online exclusively via this offer, followed by a digital copy of the full album on its completion.

£30 or more

£30 Reward

Your name in the Thank You credits on our album artwork + a digital copy of our current 5 track Homegrown EP (exclusive to this offer) + a signed CD copy of the full album on completion.

£100 or more

16 of 50 claimed

£100 Reward

All the £30 rewards + two VIP tickets for our Shepherds Bush Empire show in London on Sunday 4 November 2012, including an invitation to our aftershow party.

£500 or more

1 of 5 claimed

£500 Reward

All the £100 rewards + your chance to feature (with your friends/loved ones) in a Magnets video accompanying one of the tracks on the new album.

£1,500 or more

4 of 10 claimed

£1,500 Reward

All the £100 rewards + we perform an exclusive acoustic show at your home, party, office etc. at a time to be mutually agreed (offer subj. to extra costs outside Grtr. London area - email for details)

£3,000 or more

0 of 5 claimed

£3,000 Reward

All the £100 rewards + we perform an exclusive show on mic at your home, party, office etc at a time to be mutually agreed (offer subj. to extra costs outside Greater London area - email for details)

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