The 48% Growth Fund

The 48% Growth Fund

We aim to raise a small fund to help increase traffic to our community, grow our page and reach a larger audience.

We did it!

On 28th Aug 2017 we successfully raised £340 with 19 supporters in 14 days

The 48% is a title given to those who voted Remain in the EU referendum in 2016. However, the 48% is a name that, given public opinion, is very much old and out of date. 

Since the referendum, along with copious amounts of new information, we now know that Brexit will cause irreversible damage to the economy but the Leave camp is willing to accept that, providing they get their precious exit from the EU.

Well, we're not having any of that, so here we are with hundreds of local groups, massive online communities and huge movements and marches chipping away at the unmistakably wrong argument of Leave.

So, what are we asking for? Well, the leave camp has had 40 years to grow their campaigns, with newer pages growing off the back of those since the referendum and their reach is substantially larger the remains.

We need to be reaching a much wider audience and helping to convince them too, that the EU debate is far from over. So, we are asking you to help us gather a small fund to assist in our target to grow our audience, create content with well-known politicians and individuals from the remain scene and, at the end of all this, change minds and cause an effect to the Brexit debate.


Where we plan to spend the money:

1. Facebook advertisement to achieve further reach

2. Promotional materials (Leaflets, posters and campaign material for marches)

3. Website maintenance costs

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