The Zimbabwe Diaspora People's Bank

The Zimbabwe Diaspora People's Bank

The aim of the project is to raise 30 000 GBP needed to launch a people's bank which will be run and operated by the people.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The Zimbabwe Diaspora People's Bank.

Image all the Zimbabweans and friends of Zimbabwe leaving and working in the diaspora coming together and forming this bank. Initially it will start as a virtue bank and every one who joins becomes a member and opens an account where he or she deposits$20.00 every month. By the end of one year each member will have $240.00 in his/her account. 

Now imagine if we manage to get say 1000000 users that should come to $240000000.00

Once we reach that target we can then open an actual bank run on real bank terms and situated in a country of our choice but not Zimbabwe. We can then use some of that money to implement change in Zimbabwe. This is my vission. We are a great force in numbers and certanly with our own money anything is possible.

But before we do that we need to raise 30000.00GBP needed to pay for linceses, software and a brand. This we can achieve by using The Crowdfunder campain who will run the campain to raise the money for the project. Please pledge to the fund so we can achieved our target so we can launch bank. 

We have rewards as well. Everyone who deposits with the bank automatically becomes a share holder. You will take a partial ownership of the bank. So everyone is a winner.