The Young Carers Academy

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The Young Carers Academy

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The aim of our project is to have a Young Carers Academy for Young Carers.

Hello we are the young carers team, we want to set up the first Young Carers Academy, led by young carers. The Young Carers Academy will find ways to formally recognise and reward young carers for the caring work they do, and support their wellbeing. There are an estimated hundreds of thousands of young carers in the UK, and this numbers is likely to grow. We want to support young carers at this crucial time in their lives so that they have brighter, healthier and happier futures.

The work that young carers do is essential to society, yet they often have very little choice about whether or not they take up the role of carer, and the work they do as a young carer is not formally acknowledged.

What we mean by this is that while they develop fantastic interpersonal, time-management, and responsibility skills, they gain no recognition for these, and we think that these skills could be recognised through through the Young Carers Academy.

Often when young people become young carers, they lose a lot of their childhood, and become isolated within the school environment, through the Young Carers Academy we want to build networks of mentors and role models that young carers can look to.

Young carers, know a lot, they have incredible interpersonal and coping skills, but often their wellbeing suffers because they have had to take on a caring role. We believe we should be supporting them to have wellbeing experiences and to develop knowledge and networks that will help to sustain them, and provide opportunities for them to flourish in later life.

All of this takes some sorting out, there are many things to arrange, the young carers need respite care in place so they can have time off, they need permissions from schools and other organisations to come together, education providers need to be open to developing learning with young carers, and as it needs to led by young carers we need to provide opportunities for them to come together and shape the Young Carers Academy. 

Over the next year we will identify young carer leaders, of all ages, who will shape what the academy is about, and we will come together in 2020 to see how it might all work in practice.   We need your help to do this, we need funding to get this properly and sustainably off the ground, and we also need to continue to build supportive networks. If you know of someone who can help us to speak to the right people and open some doors then we really would like to hear from you.

So please share our crowdfunding page, join in with our social media and help us to have a Young Carers Academy.

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