The Wrinklepickers Album #1

To raise money to fund the making, distribution and promotion of an album of original songs.

We did it!

On 19th Nov 2014 we successfully raised £1,135 of £600 target with 31 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

If we exceed 100% of our target, as mentioned above, the funds will go to add more songs to the album and to the promotion and distribution of the album as a whole as well as individual songs eg via iTunes etc. 

The production of a full album (12+ songs) rather than a demo album (5 songs) will enable us to make sales at gigs and online. We would ensure that 5% of all sales go to the Youth Music Charity supporting life-changing music-making for young people who wouldn't otherwise have access to playing or making music. 

To make a full album we'll probably need a £1000 target - so please keep pledging and we can make a bigger, better album. Thanks!


                                              The WrinklePickers Band

The Wrinklepickers is made up of 6 experienced, professional and ageing musicians although we only tend to have 3 to 5 members playing at any one time. The idea for the band and the name The Wrinklepickers was formed over three years ago but didn't actually materialise until we found our lovely stand-up bass player. We're quite lively and fun and try not to take ourselves too seriously; we do miserable songs cheerfully performed. As a band we've been together for about 18 months although the individual members have been in the music/performance industry for about 160 years altogether! 

Our style is country, bit of bluegrass/hillbilly/rockabilly with close vocal harmonies, stand up bass, percussion and a couple of guitars. On gigs, the majority of our set are our own songs, although being modest we tend not to tell anyone unless they ask. People often try to sing along even though they've never heard the songs before, or we get folks holding up their smartphones trying to get their apps to recognise a song... so we think it's time to make an album. Our songs are actually pretty good we reckon!

The idea is to go to a studio for a few sessions and record live versions of around a dozen original songs. Depending on the funding situation and how the recordings work out, we'll then produce an album of between 5 to 10 songs. This will be used to promote the band and appease our small but devoted group of fans who want to listen to our songs when we're not there! The more successful this campaign is the more songs we'll be able to include on the album...

We're offering small but we hope worthwhile rewards and invite you to take part in making our band an ongoing concern. We'd like to do bigger gigs, more festivals and get our songs out onto the airwaves where they might be heard and liked. If we have a well-produced album that we can distribute far and wide, this will help achieve our goals.

Band members are: Brian and Krysstal - guitar, tambourine, vocals (and also a comedy duo), Ian Newman - stand up bass (aka the Bass Whore and half of The Anti-Poet), Paul Eccentric - percussion (and the other half of The Anti-Poet), Toby Deans - guitar (also plays with the Ocelots and Lobby Lud and the Luddites), Johnny Cash-fer-gold - guitar (also plays with Gringo Loco and other bands).

 Here's a review from when we played at a jam session : "Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, it did. Up stepped the Wrinklepickers performing as a five-piece and presenting a fabulous mix of blues, folk and gospel. Lead singers Brian and Krysstal were simply fantastic as they offered a great selection of numbers including "I Love You" and "Keep On The Sunny Side". I would love to see the Wrinklepickers 'in concert' after watching this taster." Colin Fenn, DJ, journalist, Thu 28th Aug 2014 for Lemonrock (

Please feel free to ask any questions re the project or the band. A gigs list can be found via our websites or on facebook, so please have look and come along before you pledge, or have a listen to a couple of songs we've put on the web and Youtube.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and we look forward to sending you our album if you decide to make a pledge.

Cheers from The Wrinklepickers

(PS not to be confused with the Wrinkle Pickers who seem to have 'borrowed' our name in 2014!)

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