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by Vincent Clohessy in London, Greater London, England

www.TheWorldOf.Love - "To Fall In Love & Stay In Love". Presenting the world's finest resources to create lovingly-intimate relationships

by Vincent Clohessy in London, Greater London, England

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  • Many people are suffering needlessly from a lack of intimacy and loving connection 

  • I want to share for free the keys to falling in love and staying in love 

  • My vision is for TheWorldOf.Love to present the most up-to-date and independent resources, support and contemporary tools available online for creating loving relationships that last 


Tonight, too many people will go to bed feeling lonely.

Others will suffer pain, conflict and heartbreak in their relationship.

The hurt of loneliness, broken partnerships, failed marriages, and families torn apart is commonplace in our lives.

According to ONS & Relate statistics in 2016:

  • 100,000+ divorces in the UK, an increase of 5.8% on 2015
  • 42% of marriages are expected to end in separation
  • 2.87 million families at 'breaking point'

We all pay the collective price of dysfunctional love lives and often our children suffer the most.

Whether you’re single, in a new relationship, in an established one or wanting to separate, we need to learn what works and discard what doesn’t. 

Levels of highly toxic conflict are often accepted as an inevitable part of relationships, causing us to miss out on deeper love, connection and the enjoyment of intimate passion.

None of us went to relationship school

Mostly, we just stumble around hoping it’ll work itself out. Often relationships don’t survive and we repeat the same pattern of mistakes with each new partner.

You’ve likely experienced painful challenges with a partner that you couldn’t figure out how to overcome, yet intuitively sensed there must be a better way. 

There is a better way

We can now learn how to make love thrive

As a Love and Relationship Coach, I've witnessed what is possible given access to fun, easy to learn and simple to apply tools.

Over a lifetime burning with curiosity about loving connections, I’ve collected, curated, tried and tested 100s of relationship tools.

With these tools, I teach others how to cultivate healthy, dynamic, joyful and loving relationships that last, and avoid suffering unnecessary harm along the way.

I believe it is easier now than ever to create healthy relationships and I want to share this with the world.

If you would like this for yourself, your loved ones and your community, this may be the project for you.

I want to empower people to fall in love and stay in love


Teaching what works, discarding what hurts

We all desire connection. 

The quality of our lives are largely determined by the quality of our relationships.

It’s possible to cultivate new ways to relate to our partners, to develop higher standards and expectations of all our relationships, and to pass these on to future generations.

We can resolve relationship conflicts before they escalate – creating win-win outcomes for all concerned.

It takes only a small number of individuals to re-invent the culture of how we relate to one another.

Keeping people together and feeling loved is a culture I want to help develop and grow into.

If you would like that too, this is where your support is very much needed.

I invite you to become a valued partner in this project

How The Idea Was Born

Throughout the world, leading relationship practitioners and professionals from a broad range of disciplines have been developing groundbreaking, free and easy-to-use relationship tools and resources that help to overcome the major difficulties in love.

With years of relationship coaching experience, I too have designed and developed my own tools, video and audio recordings, workbooks and digital media products. Together with a tailored selection of effective and globally available resources, I have created highly successful coaching programmes for my clients, with great results. 

While many of my clients have found success by investing in their relationships skills, these coaching programmes and tools can be prohibitively expensive for many people. 

I want to make many of these relationship tools more easily and widely available and FREE of charge

With your support, I’ll lovingly collect, curate and review the best resources for the widest audience possible, on one unique website.

Greater access to these tools means more loving relationships

Project Outline

TheWorldOf.Love will provide free tools, guidance and learning materials. As well as, paid for support and programmes for developing the relationship skills necessary to thrive, and will be the one-stop-shop for healthy, vibrant love.

Offering everything you’ll ever want to know about intimate relationships, and providing the answers to improve your current relationship status, be you single or in a long-term committed relationship.

Could we solve love and relationship challenges and teach them to generations to come? 

I believe we can, by improving our skills to create love that lasts.

The website will be launched:

Valentine's Day 14th February 2018 (When else?)  

If you would like to support this endeavour, your pledge for a reward, donations and sharing this project with friends, are all very much appreciated and will help to create a world of love.


Once a pledge for a reward or a donation has been made, I will be in touch if contact details have been supplied, to ensure any queries are answered and a line of communication is established promptly. 

Below you'll find a description of each of the individual elements that make up the different reward packages you'll receive for your pledge.  

Rewards can be given to friends, colleagues or family members as gifts. Contact Vincent for further details. Contact information below. 

  • 60 Minute Coaching Sessions 

Relationship Coaching Session. Highly focused, private 1-2-1 coaching to establish your relationship goals, identifying the actions and provide the resources necessary to create the relationships you desire. These sessions can be arranged at a mutually convenient time, to be held via Phone, Skype, Apple’s Facetime, WhatsApp or video conferencing system of your choosing. 

  • Coaching Sessions may be scheduled to suit your needs if monthly isn't suitable.
  • Coaching Sessions are transferable to friends, colleagues or family (Not for resale) 
  • Initial 30min complimentary exploration session will be arranged on completion of this campaign
  • Sessions redeemable after project launch 14th February 2018 Exceptions may be arranged.  Call for details. See Contact details below.

  • Relationship Tools Products Produced

Comprehensive mixed digital products (audio, video, documents, resources etc) designed to deliver the latest tools and training programmes on effective communication, connection techniques and how to create conditions for love to arise and remain in your relationship. Available as website download from launch date 14th February 2018 (Valentine’s Day)

  • Your Community Workshop

Gather together your friends, family, colleagues, and neighbours into a location of your choosing, for a presentation and exercises in a workshop designed to equip you and your guests with the most effective and current relationship tools. You’ll get my very best material and ideas, along with a Q&A session to support each of you towards loving and fulfilling relationships. 4-hour workshops delivered in person (UK only) or worldwide via Skype/Video call on a mutually agreed date.

  • Workshops & Training Online & In-Person

Full-day training programmes, with fun role-playing exercises, real-life simulations, group activities, and training in conflict resolution and the use of high-level relationship communication and connection tools. May exclude co-facilitated workshops.

  • Weekly Email/Message Support

Weekly email or app messaging between coaching sessions, to support you through your coaching journey. Reserved for supporters choosing the 24 x 60 Minutes Coaching Sessions rewards package.

Mobile Phone Users

Look for the orange 'Support Us' button at the top of this page to view the full range of rewards and make a pledge for the one you want or to make a donation instead.


I have been fascinated with love and relationship dynamics since I encountered Cupid’s arrow aged 7.

My parents ran a pub in the East End of London in the 1970s and being exposed to an environment of frequent violence had a profound impact on me as a sensitive child.

Witnessing such behaviour fuelled a curiosity about what leads people who care for each other, to cause such needless pain and suffering.

Moved by these experiences, I have been developing tools ever since to help people learn a kinder way of loving.

Key to this has been discovering the transformative world of coaching.

Having trained in the UK, Spain, and America, I have now established a successful coaching practice in London, with clients from across the globe seeking support in creating loving relationships.

This is work I truly love

Client Testimonials

Vincent helped me to dispel all the reasons I had in my head around why I couldn’t possibly be in a relationship. I had ten years of not being with anyone and through Vincent’s coaching and guidance, have started a new relationship. - Kuen

I marvel at the distance we have travelled together in just seven weeks. What I find most amazing is the transformation that has taken place in my life within that time, after being in a place of deep suffering and confusion for almost all of my life. - Tracey

Vincent is very perceptive, funny, a great listener and has huge understanding and compassion. He helps me take responsibility for my choices, see things from a different perspective and breakthrough my own resistance, and learn to appreciate my partner in ways I never could before. - Oshi

Words cannot express my gratitude for what you did for me during our coaching sessions. You are an extraordinary coach and human being and I am deeply honoured, privileged and happy to have you in my life. You are a true blessing. Thank you with all my heart. - Olivia

 When I looked back at the wild dreams I outlined at the beginning of my coaching sessions with Vincent, I got a surprise at how much I’ve actually achieved. Once Vincent helped me tap into what I really wanted, and set goals that I could achieve, doors started opening. I’ve realised that anything is possible! Thank you Vincent. - Anne


Funds raised will enable the creation and delivery of many of these online tools, courses, and programmes FREE of charge:

  • Desktop & Mobile Website Design & Development 
  • I.T. & Digital Services Overheads
  • Graphic Designers
  • Product Designers and Developers 
  • Research & Development 
  • Technical Support
  • Marketing & PR 
  • Product Reviews
  • Emotional Support (Tea & Biscuits!) 

When people are in love, we all win

Website Content 

Website  Versions

  • Desktop / Laptop
  • Tablet
  • Smartphone


Current Relationship Status:

       (Single Life)  Finding Love 

       (New Partnership)  Creating New Relationships That Last 

       (Established Partnership)  Deepening Existing Relationships 

       (Dissolving Partnership)  Leaving Without Causing Harm 

  • Communication Tools 
  • Intimate Connection Techniques 
  • Cultivating Love That Lasts
  • Sex, Intimacy & Passion 
  • Conflict Resolution Tools
  • Understanding Relationship Dynamics
  • Families

Free Resources 

  • 'How To' Tutorials - Audios/Videos/Workbooks  
    • Audios
    • Videos
    • Workbooks
    • PDF Downloads Guides
  • Top 10 Resources Guides 
  • Independent Reviews Of Commercially Available & Complimentary 
    • Products
    • Books 
    • Online Courses
    • Programmes
    • Workshops/Events
    • Practitioners/Professionals Services
  • Downloadable Posters/Artwork/Images
  • Tips/Tricks/Latest Resources 
  • Blogs/Articles / Interviews/Podcasts 
  • Tools/Materials/Resources
  • Miscellaneous Materials On Love & Relationships 
  • Digital Media
  • Directory Of Worldwide Resources

Paid For Resources

  • Personal & Couples Relationship Coaching 
  • Live Workshops & Training Programmes
  • Online Courses 
  • Digital Products 

D.A.T.E. The 'Win-Win' Fights Formula (Global Release 14th Feb 2018 - Valentine's Day)

  • Groundbreaking New Method To Resolve  Fights Without Causing Harm
  • Reconcile Conflicts Within Minutes To Win-Win Outcomes
  • Free To Use Educational Resource For Global Distribution - Designed and Created by Vincent Clohessy, www.theworldof.love 

Community Resources 

  • Social Media  Groups 
  • Local Meet Ups
  • Global Community Support Network 
  • Public Talks On Love & Relationships   
    • 'Love Is Always The Answer'
    • 'Do No Harm'
    • D.A.T.E The 'Win-Win' Fight Formula - (How To Achieve A  'Win-Win' Outcome Everytime)

This resource will support each of us to more easily fall in love and stay in love

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Who will be coaching me? 

A - Vincent Clohessy (See bio and contact details) 

Q - How will we have our coaching sessions? 

A - All coaching sessions will be conducted by Skype or via phone depending on your availability and preference. 

Q - Can I pledge or donate anonymously?

A - Yes, you can opt to hide your name from other supporters by ticking the relevant box when you make your pledge or donation. This is a good option if you’re being kind and ordering a reward as a surprise gift.

Q - Can I pledge on more than one reward?

A. Yes, you can choose as many rewards as you like. You will need to make a new separate pledge for each reward. There are combined packages which might be a good option for you if more than one reward takes your fancy!

Each donor and pledge maker will be invited to a private Facebook Group and weekly newsletter, where all updates on progress and momentum of the project will be regularly broadcast. I encourage open dialogue with all contributors to this incredible project. You are a valued partner on this journey. 

Contact Details 

Please get in touch if there are any questions I can help you with.

I look forward to hearing from you. 

Vincent Clohessy 

UK: +44 (0) 7960 671 904


Instagram: TheWorldOf._Love   (https://tinyurl.com/ycokjywr)

Facebook: TheWorldOf.Love   (https://tinyurl.com/y739vyh3)

YouTube: The World Of. Love    (https://tinyurl.com/yaaf7u9m)

Twitter: TheWorldOf_Love   (https://tinyurl.com/y8zr6nlw)

Please help make this project a reality

This project couldn't be achieved without your generous belief and support. Thank you. 

Vincent Clohessy and the www.TheWorldOf.Love team. 

Project Contributors 

Alex Buck, Andrew Norman, Gwen Watson, John Halpern, Lulie Tanett

Honourable Mentions 

Miss A.C., Kay Reynolds, Oshi Owen, Kathryn Ali, Anna Lempriere, Sara Ellis, Jane Stynner, Sarah Allison,  Audrey Boulanger 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£25 or more

Reward One

1 x Relationship Tools Product

£50 or more

Reward Two

2 x Relationship Tools Products

£100 or more

1 of 3 claimed

Reward Three

1 x 60 Minute Relationship Coaching Session 1 x Relationship Tools Product Valid until 13.05.2018

£250 or more

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Reward Four

3 x 60 Minute Relationship Coaching Sessions 2 x Relationship Tools Products 1 x Your Community Workshop All of the above valid until 13.06.2018

£500 or more

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Reward Five

6 x 60 Minute Relationship Coaching Sessions 3 x Relationship Tools Products 1 x Your Community Workshop All of the above valid until 13.08.2018

£1,000 or more

1 of 8 claimed

Reward Six

12 x 60 Minute Relationship Coaching Sessions All Relationship Tools Products Produced 1 x Your Community Workshop Access To All Online & In-Person Workshops & Training All of the above valid until 13.02.2019

£1,500 or more

0 of 12 claimed

Reward Seven

24 x 60 Minute Relationship Coaching Sessions All Relationship Tools Products Produced 1 x Your Community Workshop Access To All Online & In-Person Workshops & Training Weekly Email/Message Support All of the above valid until 13.02.2020

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