London Oyster Week

London Oyster Week

London Oyster Week is raising funds for vital Native Oyster restoration projects whilst championing our fantastic British oyster culture

We did it!

On 1st Mar 2018 we successfully raised £505 with 16 supporters in 28 days

What is London Oyster Week all about?

London Oyster Week is a regional event with a global purpose running from 21st - 29th April 2018.

It is a week long celebration of the most delicious, nutritious and ethical sources of protein on the planet and awareness raising of one of the most sustainable forms of farming there is.

We will be raising funds for Native Oyster restoration projects, education and training courses through exciting and educational events at venues across London.

What to expect?

It is the first event of it's kind in London and we plan to make it grow and develop year on year. So far we have 30 venues signed up to support it and 12 oyster producers from across the UK and Ireland getting involved. Venues are offering exclusive dishes to 'Oyster Passport' holders and a number of venues will be hosting masterclasses, tastings, talks, film screenings and other exciting oystery adventures TBC. Even if you can't make it for all or part of the London event, your 'Oyster Passport' will give you 50% off anything in the Flint & Flame knife range,  Flint & Flame are the supplier of the Official Oyster Knife of London Oyster Week 2018.

Why do we need your support?

So far, Katy, the founder of London Oyster Week has spent over a year of her own time and money getting the foundations in place to make this huge event happen, forming relationships with venues, her charity partner, traveling to London to organise logistics, creating dialogue with journalists to be ready for her press launch and much more. 

She needs a little bit of extra help to get some of the essential kit sorted including the website, some design work and the 'Oyster Passport' which will be designed and printed in Cornwall by Little Birdie Guides

You can help us make it an amazing launch event!

Why do Oysters Need Your Support?

Our wild oyster populations are another story.  A keystone species, that provides essential eco-system services like purifying our water, sequestering Co2 and nitrogen from our environment, creating habitat for other sealife to thrive and protecting our coast from erosion, Native oysters are close to extinction in their natural habitat. (The oyster pictured below are Rock Oysters which are sustainably farmed)

How can you support us? 

Buy a ticket and come along! 

Can't come to the event itself? You can still support us with these gorgeous and unique rewards!

£5 - It's a donation, but it's a virtual letter of love to our oceans and our planet!

£40 - An exclusive limited Edition Flint & Flame Oyster Knife, The Official Oyster Knife of London Oyster Week 2018. Engraved with the event to make this beauty a collectable.

£20 for 20 Oysters! Plus a Free Oyster Knife (Cornwall Only)

£80 - Three Course Dinner for 2 at Top London Restaurant and London Oyster Week venue -  Northbank

£100 - VIP Ticket to the Great Estate Festival with access to their new and exclusive  'Octopus Lounge' including a private Shuck experience with The Oyster Lady, or an Amity Seafood Marinata & Tapas tasting.

£100 - Private sailing experience on a traditional oyster boat with Chris Ranger of Fal Native

£200 - Private Seafood Chef in your home for you and 3 friends.

£200 - Oyster Masterclass for you and 5 friends in your home Learn how to shuck and oyster-talk like a pro!

£250 - Private Oyster Farm Tour with the owner, Dinner & Hotel in Whitstable!

£400 - Wild Wine Woman & The Oyster Lady Private Party!

£500 - Professional and glamourous oyster shucking service for your event with 250 pristine oysters served to your guests

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