The Wonder Bar

The Wonder Bar

Raising start up costs for The Wonder Bar! A portable pub: suitable for parties, weddings, music events, corporate functions, festivals etc!

We did it!

On 26th Jan 2016 we successfully raised £190 with 8 supporters in 56 days

The Wonder Bar!Based in West Wales: A mobile-bar/portable pub. Suitable for hire at parties, weddings, corporate events. Festivals, local events, markets. Wherever you fancy a bar! To include licenses, staff, stock, a bar and/or a pub setting. Selling tasty, unusual, locally sourced and home grown products. Beers, cider, wine, spirits, cocktails, mocktails. Refreshing and different. A comfy pub atmosphere decked out with upcycled furniture and handcrafted décor made by talented local craft-wizards!I’m Bethan Trevett. Or Trev to most people who know me. For a while, I’ve had this idea brewing. Here I am, finally putting my plan out there. This crowdfunder is a way for people who have expressed interest in investing in my idea, whether it be with donations of money, furniture, bar tools, advice or guidance - it would all be greatly appreciated.                                                      At the moment, I'm just getting this proverbial piggy bank up and running. I'm saving money, I've quit smoking and generally I'm working hard and spending less. I'm ready to pour my money into start up costs. This crowdfunder is a top up to help save for a van - whether it be a little Transit to cart everything around, or a fully converted, bar-on wheels. It all depends what's right at the time. Family and friends, I don't expect gifts for my upcoming birthday and Christmas. Instead, sort me out a set of business cards, or dig out that old carpet you've had in the garage for 10 years - I'll find a use for it!Keep a track on my progress on:FacebookTwitterInstagramOr email me at, for more information about who I am and where the idea came from, please check out my blog here.

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