#CelebratingWomen At The WLA Awards

To empOWER , moTIVATE and celeBRATE phenomenal WOMEN who despite all odds continue to eleVATE those around them.

We did it!

On 30th Oct 2017 we successfully raised £324 with 10 supporters in 39 days

The WLA Summit and Awards is founded by Placida Acheru to celebrate the unwavering courage and resilience of women achieving remarkable goals. But what does remarkable, mean? How is this defined?

To us, remarkable relates to the strength and determination displayed by the women in our lives who have overcome the ever-challenging curve balls that life can throw one’s way. These awards provide a platform to showcase women who are making a difference, creating role models, something significant in building the next generation.

The Whole Life Activation Award is open to women in business, female entrepreneurs, tenacious survivors, the silent champions in our community and that woman you admire and say to yourself,  “She deserves an award.”

 Along with recognising female role models who have demonstrated exceptional courage, the event intends to raise money for the Sickle Cell Society, an organisation that supports people affected by Sickle Cell Disease. 500,000 babies worldwide are born each year with this inherited disease.  


Why Sickle Cell Anemia?


*Video courtesy of BBC. 

*Video courtesy of American Society of Hematology

The most serious type is called sickle cell anaemia.

Sickle cell disease mainly affects people of African, Caribbean, Middle Eastern, Eastern Mediterranean and Asian origin. In the UK, it's particularly common in people with an African or Caribbean family background.

The main symptoms of sickle cell disease are:

painful episodes called sickle cell crises, which can be very severe and can last up to a week
an increased risk of serious infections
anaemia (where red blood cells can't carry enough oxygen around the body), which can cause tiredness and shortness of breath
Some people also experience other problems such as delayed growth, strokes and lung problems. ~ Information is taken from NHS website.

Support SickleCell Society and Join us as we celebrate these amazing women, some are travelling across the ocean to join us at this event aimed to transform lives. 

The Categories Celebrated Are:

* Business Woman of the year
* Mentor of the year
* Author of the year
* Health Advocate of the year
* Entrepreneur of the year
* Young Achiever of the year
* Service to the community award
* Disruptor of the year
* Heroine of the year award
* Lifetime Achievement award

The reason we are crowdfunding:

Our goal is to make this day grand for the women who attend this event, especially the shortlists. When the Idea for the award was born, we had no clue how people will respond to it, after all, there are so many award organisations out there. 

We have been astonished by the response, in less than one month we have over 500 nominations and international guest confirming attendance for the event. Exciting right?

But this is not just about having fun; it is about saying to someone we SEE YOU! Letting them know they are appreciated. 

Can you help?

Will you support this cause?

Anything you give will make a difference and get us closer to our goal.

This event is not about profiting it is about SHOWING SOME LOVE.  Making someone happy and giving them more reason to SHOW UP and Do MORE.

How did we attract these numbers? Social media. Women love the idea that there is an organisation created to celebrate the work of the silent champions we meet every day. They love most that there isn't any voting. We understand that there are women who give their lives to empower and support others, yet do not have a large following to vote for them so they can receive recognition for their hard work.  We are also aware that some of these women are not interested in awards, they are just too busy supporting others.

We know, using awards as an instrument to say thank you will make a big difference.  It will put a smile on faces and inspire them and the next generation of silent champions. Our initial plan and desire were to see 100 women take home a trophy. Why? Becuase they deserve it. No, we are not planning to have 100 women give long speeches. 

Raising an extra £10,000 in addition to our funding request will make a big difference. All our shortlist will take home a trophy. What an extra beautiful day it would be.

Right now this moment, we need the support of kind-hearted people like you, who believe in the empowerment and celebration of women, to join hands with us to make this event a success. To do this for all the women who have been nominated and shortlisted.  Join us to crown this year 2017 by making it unique because they deserve it. 

What will we do with the money you give us?

Hosting an event like this involves many components.  The Venue, Food, Entertainment, Security, and more. Our goal is to host an event that celebrates women and to make it easy for our guest to attend. We decided that our shortlist and guest speakers have complimentary tickets. It makes sense to do so. But then eats into our budget. 

The tickets, covers the meal, drinks and everything else received on the day.  

The money you give us will help us offset the demands of hosting this event.

We will update this page as we offset each.

We love to give back, so what do you get by supporting us?

We would love to celebrate you for your support, so this is the plan. 
Not everyone like the public announcement of their support, with that, said,  if you run a business and have a logo, send it to us we would love to feature you on our supporters wall, email and social media.  See all our other reward for helping us make this event ROCK! 

We appreciate every money you give us to make this event happen.  

On behalf of Sickcell Society, every woman nominated and shortlisted, THANK YOU!

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